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Walk-In Clinic Near Madeira Beach

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Walk-In Clinic Near Madeira Beach

Walk-In Clinic Near Madeira Beach, FL

AFC Urgent Care Accepts Walk-ins and is Located at 11241 Park Blvd Suite A Seminole, FL 33772 is Open 8am-8pm Monday to Friday and 8am-5pm Saturday and Sunday. Our Doctors and Medical Professionals Treat Children to Senior Patients Near Madeira Beach, FL. Walk-in or Call (727) 394-3828.

Walk-In Clinic Near Madeira Beach, FL

When it comes to your health, you deserve access to qualified medical professionals who can provide the important care you need when you need it. At AFC Urgent Care, we are proud to offer exceptional medical services for patients in the Madeira Beach area at our conveniently located Walk-In Clinic in nearby Seminole.

Is there a difference between a Walk-In Clinic and urgent care?

At AFC Urgent Care, our urgent care services can be accessed on a walk in basis, where patients will be seen by a doctor as quickly as possible. With traditional doctors’ offices, patients are often forced to wait days or even weeks with their physician, and a trip to the emergency room will often result not only in an extended waiting period, but a hefty bill at the end of your visit. Our goal is to provide fast and effective care that puts our patients’ needs first. Our Walk-In Clinic provides convenient access to exceptional medical providers with a wide breadth of experience who are dedicated to offering compassionate care for illnesses and injuries that can negatively impact the health and well-being of our patients.

Can you get prescriptions from a Walk-In Clinic?

AFC Urgent Care is committed to excellence throughout the entire process. From diagnosis through recovery, we want to help support our patients and ensure they receive the highest quality of care possible. Depending on your needs, our physicians and nurse practitioners may write you a prescription for you to pick up at your preferred pharmacy. While we do not maintain and operate a full service pharmacy onsite at our Seminole clinic location, we can dispense certain common medications that our patients may need. If you have questions about which medications we offer onsite, one of our friendly staff members can help.  In addition, we do provide a wide range of important vaccinations and immunizations that can prevent diseases including the flu, so you can ensure you and your family stay healthy to begin with and avoid becoming ill in the first place.

How does a Walk-In Clinic work?

When you visit our Walk-In Clinic, you will receive prompt and effective service. Our patients are seen in the order they arrive, ensuring you spend as little time waiting as possible. When you enter our clinic, you will be asked to sign in and you will be able to review our transparent pricing information. If you are interested in further expediting your visit to our urgent care center, you can also pre-register on our website. Most patients can expect to wait approximately 15-25 minutes before they will be able to speak with a medical professional.  However, it is important to remember that these times may be longer during especially high volume periods after work or on the weekends. Once you are seen by a doctor, you will be provided with access to a full range of diagnostic services onsite. We maintain digital x-ray equipment, a full service lab, and other important diagnostic tools at our Walk-In Clinic, so there is no need for you to travel to multiple locations or wait to learn the extent of your fracture or which illness you may be suffering from. This process allows our patients to receive the critical information they need as quickly as possible, which will ensure they reduce the time they spend in our waiting room or speaking with a doctor, so they can leave with an effective treatment plan in hand and start recovering.

If you live in the Madeira Beach, FL area and are looking for a trustworthy Walk-In Clinic that can provide the important physical exams, occupational health services, and urgent care you and your family need, AFC Urgent Care in Seminole is here to help. We offer extended walk in hours from 8am-8pm Monday-Friday and 8am-4pm on weekends.

11241 Park Blvd Suite A
Seminole, FL 33772


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  • Why choose AFC for Urgent Care?

    With state-of-the-art centers and a professional medical team, AFC provides on-site X-rays, labs, procedures, and more!

  • What's the difference between AFC Urgent Care and emergency room services?

    Urgent care is for medical conditions that require prompt attention but do not pose an immediate threat to your health or life. Here is a simple rule of thumb: if your medical issues(s) are life threatening, call 911, or go directly to a hospital emergency room. If not, an urgent care center such as AFC is an excellent alternative.

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