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Drug Testing in Virginia Beach at AFC Urgent Care

Employee Drug Testing at AFC

Employee Drug Testing | AFC

If you’re in need of employee drug testing, choose AFC. Our flexible hours, speedy service, and in-house labs make us the perfect choice.

For Employees

Employee drug testing doesn't need to be a hassle when you visit AFC. Our discreet providers can screen for the drug and alcohol markers your employer needs to know about, and we can do it on your time. Just walk in when you're ready, and we'll get your test over and done with, so you can get on with your day.

FAQs About Employee Drug Testing at AFC

What drugs does AFC test for?

AFC uses a number of drug tests, including different varieties of urinalysis and hair testing. When you contact your local clinic, we can help you select the best tests for your needs.

What types of employers turn to AFC for drug and alcohol testing?

We've worked with countless employers over the years. The Department of Transportation (DOT) is an agency we have lots of experience with. Various DOT companies turn to AFC because we know how to complete the documentation they need – and we'll do the same for you.

How long does drug testing take?

Many people are able to get in and out of our clinic within minutes for a drug test. Wait times do vary, but we make speed and efficiency top priorities.

eScreen® Drug Testing in Princess Anne for Employers

AFC Princess Anne is proud to offer eScreen® drug testing. eScreen® is a paperless, efficient and secure screening service that streamlines the drug testing process. With eScreen®, every step of the drug screening process is web-based, and both employers and the AFC Princess Anne team can monitor the progress of employees’ tests. eScreen® offers a variety of technologies to integrate the drug screening process, including:

  • eCup Drug Test Cup® and eReader®: Allow for digitally-interpreted drug testing results, limiting the risk of human error
  • Lab-Based Testing: All lab-based urine tests can be processed through eScreen’s electronic system
  • eCCF® Paperless Process: All chain-of-custody forms can be signed and managed electronically

Another benefit of eScreen® is the eScreen123® Test Management Software. With eScreen123®, employers can easily register, schedule and monitor employee testing. Benefits of eScreen123® include:

  • Fast, reliable results
  • Secure and confidential information
  • Stay up-to-date on the status of your employee’s test
  • Customizable documents based on your needs
  • Testing scheduling and registration
  • Notifications for testings no-shows
  • Retrieve, print or achieve any record at any time

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