Wintertime Injuries to Watch for and How to Prevent Them

January 4, 2021


Wintertime comes with its fair share of severe injuries, and the cold weather can make it hurt more.  Most injuries during the winter season are treatable but extremely painful nevertheless. Activities such as snowboarding, hiking, traveling, and even simple day-to-day chores are intensive and quite the task during colder months. Not to mention, the snow plays a risk factor.

Low temperatures aren’t a friend to everyone, especially not if you live in a particularly colder region. Fortunately, you can prevent these injuries and help others do the same as well. If you want to make it to spring without any injuries, read on.

Common Types of Wintertime Injuries to watch out for and Prevention Tips

1.      Snow Shoveling Injury

Snow shoveling is not a task you can ignore, especially if you live in a region with extremely low temperatures. Shoveling snow involves a lot of body movement and requires immense strength, especially when you constantly lift snow from a stubborn place. During this, you could put immense strain on your body, which could result in a muscle injury in the shoulder, neck, or back.

To avoid injuries while shoveling snow, you should always stretch before and after shoveling to relax your muscles. Don’t overexert yourself by applying unnecessary pressure. Instead, shovel a little at a time.  Most importantly, always shovel snow on the same day it falls to keep it from piling up.

2.      A Bad Fall from Wintertime Activities

The winter months allow for a variety of outdoor activities you can’t play otherwise. This includes ice hockey, snowboarding, skiing, and many others. Both kids and adults alike participate in wintertime outdoor activities. Despite being enjoyable, they put both groups at a high risk of injury. Falling or slipping during one of these activities is quite possible, and an accidental fall can result in a muscle injury. These injuries can make your joints and muscles as stiff as a rock, leading to excessive pain. Partaking in such activities puts you at risk of suffering from different injuries, both minor and major.

Preventing such slips and falls is possible if you wear the right shoes during fun-filled activities. Shoes with rubber rims on the soles are perfect as they allow you to stretch.  Before engaging in such activities, always train yourself and invest in a good safety course.

Other Types of injuries

  • Frostbites
  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
  • Fatal Car Accident

Make sure to pay attention to the prevention tips mentioned above, as they can save you a great deal of trouble. In the event that you experience a sudden major injury, seek immediate care from an urgent medical center near you to avoid further complications.


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