Making Waves: Comprehensive Strategies for Swimmer's Ear Prevention

July 5, 2023

Old man getting his swimmer’s ear checked out by a provider at AFC Urgent Care Marlborough

Ahoy there! If you're sailing the seas of summer fun, beware of the sneaky menace known as swimmer's ear. It can turn a fun day at the pool or lake into an ear ringing headache. But fear not, for AFC Urgent Care Marlborough is here to steer you in the right direction! In this guide, we'll dive deep into the waters of knowledge and equip you with the tools to prevent swimmer's ear from ruining your summer fun at the pool. 

Let’s dive right in!

How Do You Get Swimmer's Ear?

Just like a rogue wave crashing upon the shore, swimmer's ear, medically known as otitis externa, is an unwelcome infection that targets the outer ear canal. It's a cunning condition that often sneaks in when moisture lingers in the ear, creating a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. Whether you're a pool party enthusiast, beachcomber, or shower songstress, stay vigilant against this pesky foe!

Symptoms Of Swimmer’s Ear To Look Out For

  • Ear Pain: A sharp jab, especially when you touch or tug on your ear.
  • Itchy Invasion: The relentless itchiness…
  • Unwelcome Discharge: A surprise visit from watery or pus-like discharge
  • Muffled Sounds: Sounds appearing distant or muffled due to the blockage in the ear canal.
  • Jaw and Neck Nudges: The discomfort that spreads like gentle ripples across your jaw and neck.

How To Stay Swimmer’s Ear Free This Summer

If you're looking to avert swimmer's ear, there are a handful of effective strategies you can put into action. It's crucial to maintain dry and clean ears, refrain from poking or scratching the inner ear, and consider using a swimming cap or earplugs for protection. 

Swimming in bodies of water known for high bacterial presence should be avoided. Regular use of over-the-counter ear drops is also a pragmatic approach to preventing this common swimmer's nuisance.

AFC Urgent Care Marlborough Is Your Swimmer’s Ear Experts

If you find yourself in troubled waters with swimmer's ear or need expert guidance, turn to AFC Urgent Care Marlborough for treatment, prevention tips and ongoing urgent care services.


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