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Eagle Run Omaha Wellness Physicals

Walk-In Wellness Checkups. No Appointment Needed.

Eagle Run Omaha Wellness Physicals at AFC Urgent Care

Don't Put Off Your Annual Health Appointment

Is it about time for your annual health appointment? You could visit your regular doctor, but how long is the wait to get in? Many doctors book up weeks, even months, in advance when it comes to wellness checkups. If you need your results faster, or just don’t want to wait, AFC has a better option. You know that we provide excellent urgent care, but did you know that you can also come to our clinics for services like wellness checkups, vaccinations, and lab testing? We offer all of these services in one place, with no appointment necessary.

Who Should Get Regular Wellness Checkups?

Just about everyone should get an annual physical, even if you feel like you’re in good health. Physicals allow providers to screen for a range of problems so you can catch them early on. Whether you’re retired and trying to stay on top of your health, parents getting kids ready for sports and school, or just haven’t seen a doctor in a while, a physical is a great idea.

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AFC Urgent Care FAQs

  • How are you able to offer physicals without an appointment?

    We specialize in urgent care services, and so our model is based around walk-ins. We know how to minimize wait times so you’re able to get in and out as quickly as possible.

  • What happens if my physical reveals a problem?

    We’re able to take lots of follow-up steps internally, from ordering tests to prescribing medications. We’re also able to provide referrals when necessary.

  • What other preventive services does AFC offer?

    We’re able to offer numerous services that you used to have to go to your doctor’s office for: vaccinations, lab testing, and checkups being just a few. Not only are you able to get all of this without an appointment, we’re often able to offer lower prices thanks to our streamlined system.

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