Immigration Physicals in Conshohocken, PA

Please call ahead to schedule an appointment for an immigration physical.

If you are applying for citizenship, a green card or permanent residency in the United States, you will be required to undergo an immigration physical by a USCIS Civil Surgeon. AFC Urgent Care is proud to have a USCIS Civil Surgeon on staff available to perform physicals to people around the greater Philadelphia area as they move forward in their immigration process.

What happens during an immigration physical?

A physician will be examining you to ensure that you are physically healthy enough to follow guidelines put forth by the Centers for Disease Control, Department of Homeland Security and US Citizen and Immigration Services, which are mandatory. The physical will include:

  • Physical examination
  • Vaccinations and history check
  • Flu shots between October and April
  • RPR (Syphilis) test- mandatory for patients 15 and older, possibly younger if the physician determines a risk
  • Tuberculosis Blood Test
  • Gonorrhea test

What do I need to bring to my immigration physical?

You will need to bring the following to your appointment:

  • A current, government-issued form of identification including a passport, driver’s license, military ID card or green card
  • Medical history and records including chest x-rays and previous treatment for tuberculosis
  • Vaccination and mental health records

Immigration Physicals in Conshohocken, PA

If you are in need of a physical to continue moving forward in your immigration process, contact AFC Urgent Care Conshohocken to set up an appointment today. The cost of an immigration physical is consistent with the full scope of required services. To set up an appointment, call (484) 243-6735.