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Clairemont COVID-19 Testing

Coronavirus(COVID-19) Testing in Clairemont

If You Are Experiencing Symptoms of the Coronavirus Come to providers Now As We Are Now Offering COVID-19 Testing. Visit Our Clinic Today. Call Now or Schedule an Appointment Online.

At AFC Urgent Care Clairemont, we’ve been taking the necessary precautions in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19). This means we’ve been ensuring our clinic is as clean, safe, and well-equipped for our patients as it can be, and now we’re offering testing for patients who have the symptoms associated with the coronavirus. If you have these symptoms and live in the Clairemont area, you can call our clinic or book with us online.

Where Can I Get Coronavirus Testing Near Me?

You can have this testing done with AFC Urgent Care Clairemont, but we ask that you avoid coming to see us in-person for testing. Instead, please call our clinic at (858) 800-2880 so we can get you booked for an appointment. This will reduce your risk of exposure as well as the risk of exposure for our other patients and our staff.

What Is The Test Used To Diagnose Someone With The Coronavirus?

The protocol for coronavirus testing is to provide a evaluation of a patient’s symptoms, and then, if necessary, to proceed with a test either in-person or at-curbside. There are two tests for coronavirus: the antibody test and the viral test. The antibody test is to determine whether a patient previously has the virus, and this helps researchers track the spread of the virus. With the viral test, you can be tested to determine whether you currently have the virus. This test is called the nasal pharyngeal swab. In this test, a swab (like a Q-tip) is inserted into the patient’s nose, a sample is collected, and then the sample is tested for the virus.

How Long Does It Take For Coronavirus Symptoms To Become Apparent?

The common symptoms are fever, tiredness, and a dry cough, and the more serious symptoms can be shortness of breath/difficulty breathing, chest pain/pressure, and loss of speech/movement. It can take anywhere from 2 to 14 days for these symptoms to become apparent. However, someone with the virus might not actually show any symptoms at all. Because of this, even if you and your family seem to be symptom-free, it’s still important to limit and control your interactions, take the necessary precautions, and follow the guidance and recommendations of your local health officials.

If you do notice the symptoms of coronavirus in yourself or a loved one, then it’s important to stay home but also call a medical provider like ours. So long as the symptoms are non-life-threatening, AFC Urgent Care Clairemont can help by providing testing. Please understand that a clinic like ours is limited in our access to testing kits, so we must ensure these kits are available to patients who need them like hospitalized patients, healthcare workers, and patients with serious symptoms.

Can I Get Coronavirus (Covid-19) Testing In Clairemont?

With AFC Urgent Care Clairemont, you’ll be able to get tested for the virus if it’s necessary. Our clinic is located at 5671 Balboa Ave San Diego, CA 92111, and we can take your call anytime Monday to Sunday, 8 am to 8 pm. If you or a loved one has any of the symptoms associated with the coronavirus, please call us at (858) 800-2880. We’ll get you booked in for anappointment with one of our providers who’ll be able to evaluate your symptoms over the phone, if you need it, provide either in-person or curbside testing.

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AFC Urgent Care FAQs

  • Why does AFC provide two different COVID tests?

    We offer a rapid test because they provide highly reliable results on the spot; however, they do produce more false negatives than the RT-PCR COVID-19 Test. Doing both tests is our way of ensuring that you get the most accurate results possible without having to put your life on hold.

  • How long does it take to get a COVID test?

    We're able to get many patients in and out in a matter of minutes, but the length of time you'll spend in our clinic will depend on wait times that day.

  • How much does it cost to get a COVID test?

    That will ultimately depend on your insurance coverage. Presently, many people with insurance are able to get tested at no charge. If you’re uninsured, AFC’s cash pay prices are highly competitive – contact us for the details.

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