COVID-19 Antibody Testing for walk-in patients at AFC Urgent Care West Hartford, CT

AFC Urgent Care West Hartford is now performing COVID-19 antibody testing on asymptomatic patients. An appointment is not required for testing. The test is performed via a blood draw and is used to detect past infection with the specific coronavirus COVID-19. Results are typically available within 4-7 business days after testing although test result times may vary. . Please wear a mask when you come to AFC Urgent Care West Hartford for antibody testing. Call for more information: (Insert NEW number here)

*The Antibody test is free whether or not you have insurance. Please check with your insurance provider and bring a valid CT ID when coming to our center.

Am I eligible for antibody testing?

AFC Urgent Care West Hartford is offering the antibody test to determine the full scope of COVID-19 infections among both symptomatic and asymptomatic patients. AFC Urgent Care’s antibody test may be especially useful for people without symptoms, including healthcare workers and essential workers.

Patients over the age of 15 who have been asymptomatic, including but not exhibiting a dry cough, fever or congestion, for at least 14 days are also eligible for coronavirus antibody testing.

I’ve heard there are different types of serology antibody tests. Which one does AFC Urgent Care West Hartford perform?      

At AFC Urgent Care West Hartford, we perform the specific and accurate ELISA based serology test.This is  a sophisticated test performed in a complex laboratory: ELISA (Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay). This test is highly specific and accurate for COVID-19. It is performed by obtaining blood in a vial and sending out. The AFC Urgent Care’s IgG antibody test is especially useful for people without symptoms, including healthcare workers and essential workers.

There is a second type of serology test that is a Cartridge based rapid COVID-19 IgM/IgG, performed by obtaining a blood sample with a finger stick. It generates results within 15-20 minutes. However, the majority of currently available Rapid Cartridge based tests are not very specific and accurate to COVID-19.

When should you get the Serology Antibody test?

IgG antibodies are not present early in infection. The CDC recommends getting tested for antibodies 9-14 days after illness onset. Most people will develop an IgG response in that timeframe.

*If there is evidence that a patient may have active disease, we will perform a Nasopharyngeal swab for an active COVID19 infection.

What is the difference between COVID-19 diagnostic testing and antibody testing?

There are several differences between diagnostic and antibody testing. Antibody testing is used to detect antibodies developed during a past infection with coronavirus, which is why you need to be asymptomatic for two weeks prior to testing. Diagnostic testing is performed via a nasal swab and is used to detect the active COVID-19 virus in symptomatic patients.

The antibody serology test detects the presence of a specific antibody against Coronavirus. It is administered by drawing blood once you meet the criteria and blood is sent to the llab to perform this test. Presence of IgG antibody indicates a previous COVID-19 exposure. 

The process includes a detailed history of the patient and a medical evaluation by a health care provider to decide which type of test is needed. Some patients may need either COVID-19 PCR or Serology IgG and others may require both. 

What the results of your antibody test means

Positive results of an antibody test indicate that you have been exposed to coronavirus and have developed antibodies against the virus. A positive result from the antibody test also means that you may then continue with normal activities. This is only if you don’t have symptoms of COVID-19 or have not been around someone who may have COVID-19 are not likely to have a current infection. You may then be cleared to return to work, but still take steps to protect themselves and others.

Whether or not you have immunity against further infection against COVID-19 is still being determined by doctors and scientists. For the most up-to-date information on how antibodies are being interpreted and studied, please check the CDC website.

Negative results indicate that you have not been exposed to coronavirus and therefore have not developed antibodies against the virus. However, exposure may have occurred in the ten days previous to your test, without the opportunity to develop antibodies yet.

Regardless of what your results indicate, it is still important to continue abiding by current health and safety regulations, including maintaining social distancing and wearing a mask or protective face covering when you visit a public area.

Why you should get the Serology test at AFC Urgent Care West Hartford

AFC’s lab partner has developed a comprehensive proprietary COVID-19 Diagnostic test for both the PCR Molecular testing and the Serology Antibody test that has obtained FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization in the state of Connecticut. As your number one local urgent care, AFC Urgent Care West Hartford plays a huge role in testing friends and families in the West Hartford community.



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