When To Seek Medical Care For a Fever

February 1, 2024

Feeling sick can interrupt your daily life. In many cases, your illness may be accompanied by a fever. Fevers are a natural response to an infection and occur when your body heats itself up to try to kill off a virus or bacteria. Regardless, fevers can cause unwanted symptoms and sometimes can indicate that something more serious than just a cold is going on. Learn more about what causes a fever and when to seek medical care for one. If you’re suffering from a fever, AFC Urgent Care Back Bay is available to provide convenient and affordable illness care to Boston residents, including college students, 7 days a week from 8am-8pm. Walk in today.

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What Causes a Fever

You may recognize a fever as an irritating illness symptom that makes you feel tired and achy. Fevers can happen due to a variety of different conditions. They occur due to an immune response, where your body heats up in order to kill off germs and infections. By heating up the tissues in the affected area, your body can kill the infection. In most cases, fevers are caused by an infection that is caused by a bacteria or a virus. The flu is an example of a very common illness that can cause fevers. Fevers often begin with mild illness symptoms and gradually worsen over time. Symptoms include body aches, fatigue, chills, and cold sweats.

Should You Go To Urgent Care for a Fever?

In most cases, fevers only last a couple of days and can resolve on their own in as little as a few hours. However, in extreme cases, fevers can last for longer. Fevers often resolve on their own, but there are some cases in which medical care is necessary to get rid of an infection. That is why it is important to always seek medical care if you’re experiencing a fever, as it can indicate the presence of a serious illness that requires medical treatment. Delaying care can allow your symptoms to worsen.

Fevers are especially dangerous for young children, the elderly, and those with underlying health conditions. This is because if your immune system is compromised, fevers can progress into a life-threatening infection much faster. High fevers can also cause serious damage to the internal organs, including the brain. For healthy adults, you should seek medical care for a fever over 103°F. For immunocompromised individuals, a fever over 101°F is cause for concern and requires medical care.

Where to Get Same-Day Fever Care For College Students in Boston

Finding the time to seek medical care when you are a busy student or working professional can seem overwhelming. At AFC Urgent Care Back Bay, we make it easy to get fast and reliable medical care when it’s convenient for you. We offer same-day illness care for the whole family at our clinic and never require you to schedule an appointment in advance to get prompt medical care from our board-certified medical team. We are conveniently located for students attending Boston College, Boston University, Emerson, Fisher, Suffolk, and many other Boston-based schools.

Visit AFC Urgent Care Back Bay for Walk-In Illness Care in Back Bay, MA

If you’re a busy college student in Boston, seeking medical care for a fever can seem like a hassle. However, fevers over 103°F are a cause for concern and should be diagnosed by a medical professional. If you are suffering from a fever, AFC Urgent Care Back Bay is here to help. Our walk-in clinic offers same-day illness diagnosis and treatment for Boston college students without the need to schedule an appointment. Simply walk into our clinic when it’s convenient for you.

Our medical staff is board-certified and trained to diagnose and treat a variety of common illnesses that may be causing your fever. Using our on-site laboratory, your medical provider may run diagnostic testing at the time of your visit to provide a more accurate diagnosis and create a customized treatment plan. We accept most major medical insurance plans and offer affordable care options. Walk in today, or schedule an appointment online.

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