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COVID 19 FAQ in Riverside at AFC Urgent Care

Can I be seen in clinic for COVID-19 testing?

Currently, we do see patients in-clinic for COVID-19 testing. You may come in for a same day appointment or contact us at (951) 780-3300 to schedule an appointment. We do not routinely schedule appointments for Covid-19 swabs testing after 7pm except extreme situations approved by a manager.

How do I get my test results?

If your COVID-19 test is negative, your result will be emailed via our online portal (Health Data Exchange) within 24 hours. If your result is positive, a provider will call you to inform you of your result.

Will insurance cover my COVID-19 test?

We accept most PPO insurance for COVID-19 testing however it’s always best to check with your insurance company prior to scheduling your visit. Please call the clinic to find out if we’re in-network with your insurance.

We also offer self-pay rates:

  • $125 Covid-19 send-out Test PCR test (results can take 2-4 days)
  • $155 Covid-19 rapid Antigen test (results are given verbally and on document the same day within 15 minutes / emailed within 24 hours upon request). This test is valid and accepted for many purposes.

What type of COVID-19 Tests do you offer?

Currently, we offer two types of COVID-19 tests. They are both valid for Travel.

Our in-house test is a “rapid molecular / nucleic amplification (NAA)" test by Abbott ID Now. This test is collected by a nasal swab.

Our send-out test is a “PCR molecular" performed by an outside reference laboratory. This test is collected by a nasopharyngeal swab.

Please note: Our rapid in-house test is valid for travel to Hawaii and other international destinations. A few countries require two tests: the PCR molecular Test and the Antigen test. We can perform both if this is required based on the information you receive from your airline. Both Tests are rapid and are conducted within 15-20 minutes time. If you wish to wait for your results you will receive all the paper documents you need in addition to an email containing the same information.

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