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AFC Urgent Care Richmond COVID-19 Q&A

AFC Urgent Care Richmond


How do I get a COVID-19 test at AFC Urgent Care Richmond?

You can easily make appointments on our home page,,on a rolling 48-hour basis.

What about Existing Patients. Do I have to go online?

While it is easy to make an appointment online, we give existing patients a priority for current openings. Existing patients require less administration, so they may call us directly, or even text message, us at 832-415-1458 to make an appointment.

Why can't I just walk-in to get a COVID-19 test?

Unfortunately, the demand for COVID-19 testing is too high, and the number of infected patients excessing. So allowing walk-in patients, who may have COVID-19, creates a very unsafe situation for all patients and staff, significantly increasing the likelihood of transmission and is no longer possible. Non-COVID-19 patients who DO NOT HAVE COVID-19 symptoms, such as fever, irritated throat, and trouble breathing, are still free to walk-in at any time.

What if I have several family members, and we want to test at the same time, but the online tool doesn't allow us?

The online tool processes appointment fills in availabilities in real-time. With the high demand, other patients may schedule adjacent slots before you can make appointments for your whole family. Go ahead and make appointments, even if they are separated. Then call our office at 832-415-1458, and we will adjust the schedule to accommodate your family.

Can I be on standby for a canceled slot?

After you receive an online appointment, you are welcome to call us at 832-415-1458 to sign up for slots that may open throughout the day. While openings happen, we cannot guarantee them.

COVID 19 Results

How long does it take to get my COVID-19 test results?

While our original third-party lab, Quest, suffered long delays for tests taken between June 24 and June 30 because of extraordinary demand, all tests are taking 2 -5 business starting July 1.

How will my results be communicated to me?

Because of the extraordinarily high number of COVID-19 tests, communication will be prioritized depending on clinical need. Our on-duty provider's priority will be to call all patients with positive results for COVID-19 to discuss the results and provided guidance.

As a second priority, all negative results for PCR Test and all Antibody tests will be communicated either by phone or by secure email. We cannot leave a voice mail or message with your results because of HIPAA privacy requirements.

How can I get my negative results earlier for back to work requirements?

You can text message our labs at 832-415-1481 requesting your test results for work or other requirements. Please ensure you leave your email you authorize to send your confidential result and that it matches your registration information.

How will I get my results through email in a secure way?

We will send a link to enroll you in our Secure Patient Portal. You will get an email from, similar to the one below. Make sure to set your spam setting correctly. Press Click Here to enroll. Enter your full name, date of birth, and email address and follow the directions. This data needs to match the information you provided to us during your registration. Press on Inbox to download your results.


I have insurance, is it free?

If you have insurance, your insurer will generally waive your copay, so the net bill to you is zero. AFC Urgent Care Richmond established credentials with all major insurance companies and many smaller ones, including all Texas Medicare and Medicaid Insurers. To see our extensive list of insurance coverage, go to However, there are occasional exceptions, such as out of state insurance companies that do not have an arrangement with in-state insurers. We will work with your insurance as much as is practicable.

I have no insurance, is it free?

If you do not have insurance and have a valid Social Security Number, the government will pay for the test's cost under the Federal Cares Act. If that is the case, you will have to sign an affidavit attesting that you do not have insurance and provide proof of a valid Social Security Number.

What if my insurance is not covered or I do not have a USA Social Security Number?

The test price for patients who do not have credentialled insurance and do not qualify for the CARES act is $185. This cost includes a fee from the third-party lab and therefore is subject to change at any time.

COVID-19 Test Information

Are you a COVID-19 Test Center?

We are much more than just a COVID-19 Test Center. All patients are seen and examined by a licensed Provider to give you essential advice and recommendation in addition to taking your test sample. We believe that is the best way to meet your health and safety needs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What tests do you offer if I suspect I was recently exposed or infected?

We offer the gold standard clinical test for detecting active infections, the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) nasopharyngeal swab Viral Test. These tests are highly accurate in comparison to the traditional antigen test because of advanced genetic RNA techniques to identify, separate, and multiple unique genetic markers.

This test detects the actual virus. Therefore, it is the first test for patients who believe they were recently exposed or have COVID-19 symptoms as it indicates an active infection. It is not the appropriate test if the patient feels they were presented a long time ago and has no COVID-19 symptoms. This test should be taken at least five days after the suspected infection to have a high enough viral count to be detected.

How is the PCR Viral Test conducted?

At our clinic, after being triaged on the phone with our medical assistants, you have an actual curbside office visit with your provider who interviews and exams you to determine the right tests and actions. For the PCR Viral test, the provider takes samples from the soft palate at the back of your nose with a nasopharyngeal swab, which has the highest concentration of the virus. A nasopharyngeal swab looks like a great 3" Q tip.

What tests do you offer if I suspect I was exposed or infected more than a month ago, to determine if I may have antibodies against COVID-19?

The second type of test we offer is the Serology Antibody Test using traditional enzyme immunoassays. This test is for detecting Antibodies that slowly grow after the initial infection. Detection of Antibodies is an indicator that the patient was previously exposed to COVID-19 and may have protective antibodies against the disease. This test involves taking a small 80 – 100 ml blood draw from your arm. It is not appropriate for patients who believe they were recently exposed or who have symptoms of COVID-19. It is suitable for patients exposed more than one month ago.

What Laboratories do you use?

We only use national laboratories that have the highest clinical laboratory quality standards (CLIA Complex) and who have COVID-19 tests that have received FDA Emergency Use Authorization. The labs include Solaris Diagnostics, Quest, and LabCorp.

Do you have the 15-minute Rapid Tests?

No. There are two types of Rapid tests, Antigen and Antibody Rapid tests. While Antigen Rapid tests are faster, they are less accurate than viral PCR tests producing many more false negatives. Rapid Antibody Tests, while employing the same principle as the antibody tests we send to a third-party laboratory, use a much smaller sample. Unfortunately, many of these Rapid antibody tests had inferior quality standards, so much that the FDA reversed the Emergency Use Authorization of more than 65 manufactures of Rapid Antibody Tests.

Safety When you Arrive

How do you ensure my safety?

The safety of our patients and our employees is our highest priority. That is why we stopped all COVID-19 walk-in tests. Instead, we require online or telephonic reservations in advance. We designed our test process to eliminate all patient-to-patient contact and minimize all other communication. The test process occurs entirely in the safety of the patient's car. We have a particular shelter to test patients one at a time on the back of our clinic.
AFC Richmond COVID testing

What do I do when I arrive?

For your safety:

  1. Please arrive 5 minutes and park near the front of our clinic at 18310 West Airport Blvd, Ste 100, Richmond, TX 77407.
  2. Have in position your government ID. If you are an insurance patient, bring your insurance card. If you are a government CARES patient, bring proof of your social security number.
  3. Call the clinic on our dedicated COVID 19 Test line 832-241-8031. If no one answers, your assistant(s) are busy with other patients. Do not leave the car. Instead of leaving a voice mail, please call again in two minutes.
  4. Tell us you have arrived for your appointment and describe your vehicle so we can find you.
  5. Our staff will come to verify your information to register for you.
  6. While in your car, we will call you to start the triage process.
  7. After triage is complete, we will ask you to drive around the right-hand side of the building and stop at the long red line. Do not enter the tent until you are called to allow the previous patient to back out of the test tent safely.
  8. When your turn is up, follow the red arrows to the test tent.
  9. The provider will interview you and give you the appropriate test.