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Self Pay Pricing in Pleasanton at AFC Urgent Care

We at AFC Urgent Care Pleasanton understand that not everyone may be privileged to have a comprehensive health insurance plan. We also believe in being open and honest with our patients. Therefore, we have created a comprehensive urgent care price list for the services that our walk-in clinic offers. Rest assured that there will never be a difference in the quality of care being provided whether you are insured or paying for your own medical care.

We do ask that you note that since each patient and the associated medical situation (injury, illness, fever, infection ear-ache etc.) is unique, it is impossible for us to answer the question “How much will my urgent care visit cost?" But you can rest assured that urgent care clinics are generally much more affordable than emergency room visits at hospitals and our clinic takes pride in making health care accessible for everyone.

We suggest that you consult the price list below and call our urgent care center, if you have any further questions. Not having a comprehensive insurance plan can be a significant source of stress but should never be a reason to ignore health care concerns. Our clinic and staff will be glad to help you to ensure that you get the proper care at a reasonable and affordable price.


Urgent Care Visit $195
Primary Care Visit $195
Urgent Care Virtual Visit $99
Primary Care Virtual Visit
TB Skin Test $65
School Sports Physical FREE
Other Physical (school/employment/check-up/pre-op/DOT/etc.) $120
Standard Flu Vaccine (FLUCELVAX Quadrivalent) $60
Adults 65+ Flu Vaccine (FLUAD Quadrivalent) $120
COVID-19 Vaccine (Pfizer COMIRNATY) $180
COVID-19 While-you-wait Molecular Test (for pre-op, work, travel, etc.) $150

The following charges may be required in addition to the $195 visit fee:

Onsite Imaging & EKG:

X-ray: per body part (regardless of number of views) $150
EKG $25

Onsite Medications

Common Oral Medications (e.g., aspirin) Included in visit fee
Injections (rocephin, solu-medrol, toradol, decadron, etc.) $40 per injection
IV Fluids: $75 for first liter, $25 for each additional liter Price includes placing IV
IV Medication: $55 per medication $25 charge for IV
(if IV fluids not given)
Nebulizer Treatment (albuterol, duoneb, epi, etc.) $40 for first neb,
$25 for each additional neb
Tetanus Shot / TDAP $50

Wound Care

Ace Bandage Wrap $20
Ear Lavage $40
Burn Care $90
Foreign Body Removal $60 - Simple
- Complex
Subungual Hematoma Drainage $90
Incision and Drainage $135
Toe Nail Removal $150


Steri Strips only Included in visit fee
Dermabond +/- Steri Strips $75
Simple laceration (single layer, < 5cm) $125
Complex laceration (multi-layer, > 5cm) $175
Suture Removal: no charge if placed by us, just the $195 visit fee if placed by another facility

Orthoglass Splint $50

On-site Labs

ALL Rapid Antigen Tests (Strep, COVID, Flu) $25
Urinalysis $25
Complete Blood Count (CBC) $45
Complete Metabolic Panel (CMP) $45
Urine hCG / Pregnancy $25
Fingerstick Blood Glucose Included in visit fee
Urine Multi Drug Screen $72
Mononucleosis $55
INFLUENZA A/B Onsite Molecular Test $125
COVID-19 Onsite Molecular Test $150
Strep A Onsite Molecular Test $55
RSV Onsite Molecular Test $75

Screening/Wellness Labs

Complete Blood Count (CBC) $10
Complete Metabolic Panel (CMP) $10
Standard Lipid Panel $10
Thyroid Panel / TSH $20
Hemoglobin A1C $10
Vitamin D $35
HPV Pap Smear $65
PSA $20
QuantiFERON-TB Gold $65
Lab Cultures  
Wound Culture $45
Urine Culture $15
Sputum Culture $35


Gonorrhea-Chlamydia $35
HIV $30
Syphilis $5
HSV (serum) $35
HSV (swab/culture) $20
Hepatitis C $15
SureSwab Vaginitis $275

Stool Tests

Salmonella/Shigella $55
Ova/Parasites/Giardia $45
C. difficile $40

Orthopedic Supplies

Shoulder Immobilizer $30
Lace-Up Wrist $35
Thumb Spica $50
Hinged Knee Wraparound Brace $145
Basic Knee Immobilizer $65
Pneumatic Walking Boot (Tall/Ankle) $115
Ankle Brace (Figure-8) $90
Gel Ankle Stirrups Ankle Brace $60
Square Toe $35
Ulnar/Radial Gutter Fracture Brake (TKO) $100
Colles Splint Replacement (TFO) $90
Sugar Tong Fracture Brace (MTC) $255
Crutches $45
Walkers $70
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