Why Is There Another COVID-19 Wave?

January 4, 2021


Health experts predicted that there would be a second wave of rising Coronavirus infections if people didn’t maintain proper social distancing. As it turned out, they were right. The phenomenon of travelers going on flights and cruises without following effective prevention measures has exacerbated the infection rate. COVID-19 has grown deadlier due to people’s carelessness.

People are showing less concern than they did during the first wave. One of the reasons could be that they are tired of dealing with the financial, physical, and emotional toll that COVID-19 had on society.  On the other hand, it’s possible that they just don’t care. Read on to know the underlying reasons behind the second wave and what you can do to reduce the spread of this life-threatening virus.

The Reason for an Increase in COVID19 Cases?

One of the main reasons behind the spike in COVID-19 cases, which resulted in a second wave, is simply people’s carelessness. Once governments started lifting lockdown restrictions and easing stay-at-home orders, they allowed social gatherings in places like restaurants, bars, and shopping centers. Once they reopened in mid-August, they became hotspots and superspreader places. People thronged to malls and bars after being in lockdown for more than four months. They felt a sense of freedom but ignored their personal responsibility to help prevent a second wave.

The worst part is that many didn’t adhere to basic SOP’s, such as wearing a mask, social distancing, and washing hands frequently. While some groups followed these rules, many didn’t. This rendered people’s efforts useless and set the stage for a second wave. Taking precautions isn’t enough to lessen the rise of COVID19 spread, and now the eradication of COVID-19 heavily depends on people and the government’s behavior.

How Can You Keep Safe During the Second Wave?

Some groups have continued to show ignorance despite the heavy surge in COVID-19 cases. Nevertheless, it’s important to play your part and keep your family and yourself safe. You must continue to follow the basic SOPs, such as wearing a mask, washing your hands, and practicing social-distancing. No matter how tempted you are to attend a specific function to go to in crowded places, you must avoid it for the sake of your loved ones. Ensure that you have essentials like disinfecting solutions, sanitizers, masks, and gloves. You must consult your physician and local healthcare providers to stay on top of vaccine-related news. Most importantly, contact them immediately if you or a family member is experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms.

This time can be quite frustrating for everyone.  But the best way to find relief is by doing your part to control the spread of the virus. Continue to receive updates from your local healthcare authorities for additional COVID-19 info. Lastly, always consult your healthcare professional when you experience any symptoms.


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