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Seasonal Allergy Treatment

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Seasonal Allergy Treatment

Spring Seasonal Allergies Treatment in Easley SC

AFC Urgent Care is a Walk-in Clinic Providing Spring Seasonal Allergy Treatments to Relieve Allergy Symptoms Fast.

Spring Seasonal Allergies Treatment in Easley SC

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Can AFC Urgent Care Easley help me with seasonal allergies?

Seasonal allergies are problems many people suffer every year or even several times a year. It may seem like no matter how hard you try; there’s no way to avoid feeling congested or constant fatigue. At AFC Urgent Care Easley, we can help with your seasonal allergies to help you get through them.

Can you cure me of my seasonal allergies?

Unfortunately, there is no cure for seasonal allergies. You can, however, take some simple steps to limit the effects of seasonal allergies. If you can limit exposure to the allergens causing your allergic reaction, your symptoms will be less intense.

What can I do to limit my exposure to seasonal allergies?

Don’t make your bed!

Why? Dust mites love a bed that’s made. When you make your bed, you are locking in dust mites into your bed so they can’t escape. Leaving it unfinished and airing out your sheets lets these tiny bugs, that can cause allergies, wander off.

Consume less alcohol.

An extra drink at dinner may be causing your allergies to be worse. A European study found that for every drink you have during a week, your chances of a seasonal allergy increases. While research is still needed to understand the link, consider passing on a nightcap if your nose gets congested every year.

Avoid certain fruit and vegetables.

Some foods contain proteins that trigger allergies related to ragweed and other allergies. Research suggests bananas, tomatoes, and melons can cause a reaction.

Wash your contact lenses frequently.

Contact lenses can trap allergens, including pollen, against your eye. Wash them regularly and consider putting an air purifier in the room where you take your lenses out at night.

Hand washes your dishes instead of a dishwasher.

Why do you ask? A recent study showed that a dishwasher makes dishes too clean. The sterile plates do not give children a chance to build up their immunity when they are younger, leading them to develop more allergies.

Why are allergies worse at night?

You aren’t imagining anything, and it isn’t just you! There is a scientific reason to why your allergy is worse at night. Your cortisol levels decrease at night, causing your allergy symptoms to be worse compared to the day time.

 What can AFC Urgent Care Easley do to treat my seasonal allergies?

If you feel like your seasonal allergies are much worse than usual this year, come to our urgent care center today. First, we will want to examine you to look for signs of the flu, strep throat or a sinus infection. These illnesses can have many of the same symptoms as seasonal allergies and need medical intervention to treat. Otherwise, they could linger for weeks, and you might be contagious.

If it does turn out you have allergies, we can prescribe some medication to help take the edge off of some of the symptoms. Follow our suggestions above to limit your exposure to allergens, and soon enough your body will stop having an allergic reaction to the seasonal allergen affecting you.

AFC Urgent Care Easley is located at 5208 Calhoun Memorial Hwy Suite C Easley, SC 29640. We are open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 8 pm and on Saturday and Sunday from 8 am to 5 pm. Do you have questions about seasonal allergies or would you like to see if we take your insurance? Call our friendly staff today at (864) 307-8672.

5208 Calhoun Memorial Hwy
Suite C Easley, SC 29640


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