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Our clinic has been in forefront of the pandemic and offer various types of Covid-19 testing to suit your needs. The following are the tests available and the information in regards to each tests.

  1. Covid -19 rapid Antigen/Antibody Test is a test that detects the IgG and IgM that shows whether you have been exposed to the virus. The sample is a simple drop of blood. The results are given to the patient in 15 minutes of testing. This test is useful if you are asymptomatic and want to know exposure.
  2. Covid-19 PCR test is a confirmatory test that is sent out to the laboratory for active disease. The sample is a nasal swab. Our lab’s generally turn this around in 48 hours. This is the most reliable test and required by majority of employers and for travel.
  3. Covid -19 rapid PCR Test is a test that shows the active disease. This is a nasal swab and the results are given in 15 minutes. This test is highly reliable as well as it is a PCR test.

Type of Covid-19 tests

Results given in

Method of testing

Antigen antibody Test 15 minutes Blood Drop
PCR Test 48 hours nasopharyngeal swab
Rapid PCR Test 15 minutes nasal swab

Please contact our office if you have any further questions or would like to come in for testing. We test both symptomatic and asymptomatic patients and treat the associated symptoms related to Covid 19.

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