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Start Your Morning Off Right

Drink A Glass Of WaterAfter the holiday madness, you’re probably more focused on getting your sleep back on track than waking up early in the morning. However, wouldn’t it be nice if you could go ahead and start your day off right? This way, your health will be on the right path for the remainder of the day.

Say, “Good Morning!” to Your Health

Your health is probably the last thing on your mind when you wake up. In fact, it may not
cross your mind at all during the morning, because you’re so focused on making sure the kids are dressed and on time for school, the lunches are packed, and you have at least one cup of coffee before running out the door to make it to work on time. But since we’re on a “new year, new you” kick, why not try establishing some better morning habits for a healthier, more productive day?

First, as soon as you wake up, get your body moving by drinking a glass of water. Your alarm clock might be your “wake-up call,” but a glass of water grants your body the ability to get things flowing, especially when it comes to your digestive system.

Second, try not to look at your smartphone or turn on the television for at least an hour. For many, our smartphone is our morning newspaper. Yet, you need this time to just be and give your brain the chance to wake up and begin the day. Don’t let the chaos of emails on your smartphone be what your brain wakes up to.

Third, make time for a quick exercise session and healthy breakfast before heading out the door. By getting your body moving first thing in the morning, you can get your blood flowing and really wake up your body to help it conquer the day. Also, a healthy breakfast sets your body up for healthier choices throughout the day. Even something as quick as a smoothie can help you fuel your body the right way when in a rush.

Not quite a morning person, but need to see a physician? No worries! This is one of the many reasons our urgent care center has extended hours—in order to better serve our community!