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Tick Bites Treatment

Tick Bite Treatment at Urgent Care & Walk-In Clinic in Aston, PA

Whether you live in rural areas or the suburbs, ticks can be quite the pest. This irritating outdoor parasite can cause health issues for your entire family and household pets. These small, brown bugs can carry a variety of bacteria, and you must be careful, especially in the summer months when they are most active.

However, this does not mean you should shut yourself inside your house and avoid enjoyable outdoor activities during the summer. By taking simple steps to prevent tick bites, you will protect yourself from these bugs and the dangerous diseases they can carry, like Lyme Disease.

At AFC Urgent Care Aston, our board-certified doctors and highly experienced staff know how dangerous tick bites can be. Our team can identify tick bites and safely remove them, especially if they are embedded in your skin.

We have prepared a simple guide to help you protect yourself from tick bites, including where they are commonly found and how to tell if you have been bitten.

Where are you most likely to find ticks?

You will find ticks living in moist outdoor areas during the summer months. They love to hide in piles of leaves, shrubs, and tall grass. If you find yourself near these areas, you should be mindful that you could pick up ticks on your person. It does not mean you will always find ticks here. In fact, ticks can be found anywhere, including urban environments, but they are more likely to be found in outdoor rural areas.

Can you prevent tick bites?

Yes! There are several ways for you to prevent tick bites while spending time outside.

On your clothes and shoes, coat them with permethrin. This substance kills ticks on contact. For your exposed skin, use repellent that contains DEET. When you arrive home from your outdoor activities, check yourself for ticks. You should check your clothes as well as any exposed skin. Try to shower within 2 hours of being outside as this will help remove ticks and wash off the chemicals from repellents.

How do I check for ticks?

Checking for ticks is easy! First, you should never rush your tick check and instead be thorough. Check your clothes for ticks and consider putting them through a hot wash if you have spent considerable time outside. After that, you should check your body for these pests. Pay close attention to your hair and underarms, as these are among their favorite places to hide.

What should I do if a tick bites me?

First, do not panic. Finding a tick on your body while worrying is common if you spend a lot of time outside. What’s important is that you completely remove the tick from your body. If it has bitten and latched onto your skin, take some tweezers and gently pull in a twisting motion. Be careful not to break the tick or leave its head behind. This can cause dangerous infections.

If you have difficulty removing a tick or think you may have left some pieces behind, it is always a good idea to visit our board-certified physicians at AFC Urgent Care Aston. Our doctors will check the bite area and verify that nothing is left. Let a seasoned second pair of eyes take a look, especially in areas you can not see directly.

When a tick is removed, look out for any rashes that may develop at the bite site. Rashes are a tell-tale sign that something is not right, and it should be immediately checked out by a doctor. Delaying a thorough examination can put your health at serious risk.

At AFC Urgent Care Aston, no appointment is ever needed to be checked out by one of our doctors for tick bites. If you believe a tick has bitten you, walk in any day of the week for prompt treatment from our staff. You’ll be seen in a state of the art facility and tended to by highly professional and compassionate staff.

AFC Urgent Care Aston is located at 5024 Pennell Rd Aston, PA 19014. We are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM and on Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. If you have questions about tick bites or our other services, feel free to call our friendly staff at (484) 766-3502. We look forward to meeting you!

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