Is it Depression or a Bad Mood?

August 26, 2014

" In the aftermath of Robin Williams’ death, you may be wondering how to tell if you or a loved one is suffering from depression or just having a blue mood. Clinical depression is more than sadness. A day or two of sad thoughts and low outlook is perfectly normal, but when it goes deeper than just sadness or lasts longer, you should seek professional medical care. Symptoms of Depression With depression, you may have trouble ...

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Urgent Care for Sunburn

August 19, 2014

" You’ve been out on the beach on your day off work. When you get home, your child is redder than you first realized. Although you can treat most sunburn at home with aloe vera and rest, there are signs that could indicate that you need urgent care from a doctor. You may not see immediate symptoms, so after a day in the sun you should pay attention for the signs of severe sunburn that ...

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Treating a Bee Sting

August 12, 2014

" If you’ve ever received a sting from a bee or wasp, you know how much it hurts. If you’ve never been stung, you may be worried that you will have an allergic reaction. Only about 3% of the people who are stung will have a localized reaction. About 0.8% of bee sting victims will have a systemic allergic reaction, or anaphylaxis. With a localized reaction, a person will most likely swell up ...

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Dehydration in Children

August 5, 2014

" During the summer, your child can easily dehydrate when they forget to drink water because they are outside playing. By the time they get thirsty, they are probably well on their way to be dehydration. Quenching their thirst may not replenish enough liquid in their system, so it’s a good idea to know the symptoms of dehydration. Symptoms of Dehydration Fever and vomiting will often lead to dehydration, but so can a good deal ...

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