Our Favorite Health Tracking Apps

Let us guess — your smartphone is filled with apps? Games, calendars, weather trackers — you name it, it’s available. So if you’re not taking advantage of apps that track your health, you’re missing out. If you’re generally healthy, technology can help you stay that way; if you’re not, some apps can help you stay on top of your condition, while others can even help you achieve weight loss or nutrition goals.

Here at American Family Care, we encourage you to take an active interest in your health, and if downloading an app can help keep you on top of your caloric intake, exercise frequency, insulin levels or blood pressure readings, that’s great! Monitoring your own health makes you a better patient, and often allows you a greater ability to tell the doctor what’s going on with you health-wise. Plus, as doctors, we’re delighted to see your progress.

While there’s really an app for everything, here are a few for you to consider if you’re looking into health technology.

Nutrition My Fitness Pal offers a simple way to keep track of your calorie intake, complete with a massive internal food database. You can also add personal recipe calorie counts to the app. The app also tracks exercise and allows you to add calories burned and calories ingested. You can also set a weight loss goal, and the app tracks your progress as you go along.

Exercise Johnson and Johnson 7 Minute Workout is just that — a 7-minute workout geared toward your exercise needs. And the best part is that all the exercises can be done with a chair! The workouts are medium intensity — jumping jacks, wall sits, tricep dips, etc — and the app coaches you through each move. While this isn’t for the gym rats out there, it is an easy way to fit in some exercise during an otherwise busy day.

Brain Health Did you know your brain can be trained? Think younger with apps like Lumosity and Elevate. These “brain trainers” allow users to play games to determine strengths and weaknesses. The apps focus on areas like memory, flexibility, math and concentration, and games get harder as your brain improves in these areas. You can track your progress, and see how your brain is improving!

Diabetes Glooko is an app that tracks blood sugar levels based on data you input into your phone. After you’ve checked your sugars, you can either manually enter the levels, or if your meter allows it, you can upload it directly to the app. Graphs chart your high and lows, and there’s even a food database that offers helpful info about what you’re eating. This app also syncs online, so you can check in from your computer or tablet, as well.

Hypertension Blood Pressure Tracker: If you suffer from hypertension — a whopping 67 million Americans do — this app can help keep track of blood pressure readings and medications you’re taking. The app also monitors weight measurements and food intake to create reports and graphs of vital levels. It will even email your doctor the info, if you want!

While these are just a few apps that can help you stay healthy, there are plenty of others out there that can help you keep track of your health and wellness. Just remember that these tools are not a substitute for your doctor. We hope to see you soon!

What’s your favorite health app? Share your picks with us!

*Note: This is not an endorsement for any health tracking apps. If you ever have a health question or issue, please see your doctor.