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Pre Employment Physicals

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Pre-Employment Physicals in Northern Liberties & Fishtown

Depending on your position and field, your new employer may require that you undergo a physical as part of your hiring process. A pre-employment physical ensures that you are healthy and ready to carry out the duties of the position you are applying for. AFC Urgent Care Northern Liberties works with businesses of all sizes across Philadelphia to ensure that prospective and current employees are physically able to perform their jobs without heightened risk of injury of interrupted productivity.

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What is checked during a pre-employment physical?

Scheduling an appointment to be seen by a doctor can be a hassle: in addition to clearing your schedule for the day, many PCPs are only available during regular working hours, resulting in you missing work. By working with AFC Urgent Care Northern Liberties for occupational health, you will be able to utilize our walk-in urgent care center for your pre-employment physical, with the convenient option to check in online for shorter wait time. During your pre-employment physical, we will be able to check the following:

  • Height and weight
  • Vision and hearing
  • Blood pressure
  • Cholesterol and other factors determined from a blood test
  • Chronic health risks including diabetes

Pre-Employment Physicals for Businesses in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia, PA

If you are in need of a physical as a part of your hiring process or are looking for a center to centralize all of your occupational health needs, contact AFC Urgent Care Northern Liberties today! We work with businesses of all sizes and offer convenient hours so you don’t need to take valuable time off of work. 

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