Am I At Risk For STDs or STIs? Know Your Risk and Your Status

April 1, 2022

New Couple questioning their risk for STDs and STIs and wanting to get tested to avoid the spread of STDs

There are good things and bad things about sex. It’s supposed to be fun and adventurous. That being said, it can also become scary and not fun when you get an unwanted STD. ‘How did this happen?’ Is something many of you might be asking. The truth is, STDs are silent and sneaky. Most don’t show outward symptoms,  and if left undetected or untreated, can be passed on to someone else. Also, it  is possible to develop health complications in the long run. 

AFC Urgent Care Natick encourages singles and couples to get screened for STDs regularly. If you’re sexually active, you are at risk for STDs or STIs. Knowing your risks and status on the other hand will help you have peace of mind so that you don’t spread an STD unintentionally and/ or develop health problems.

STD Symptoms Can Be Sneaky…

Certain diseases and infections can be present in your system without you experiencing physical symptoms. Others may present a more common condition such as coming down with a cold or the flu. This can cause you to feel low energy, have a runny nose, headache, fevers and have the feeling of fainting. Sometimes a person can go weeks, months, even years without knowing that they are carrying an STD/STI. 

Some of these infections can do serious damage to your reproductive organs and overall health if left unchecked over time! For instance, in some cases, pregnant women can develop severe complications from STDs and can even pass on to newborns. In 2020, The CDC reported 2100 cases of syphilis in newborns in the U.S.  This is why it’s important to practice safe sex and to know your status by getting tested!

The Most Common Symptoms Of STDs/STIs

Don’t Be Embarrassed About STD Testing

Sexual health is not something you should ever feel embarrassed to discuss. AFC urgent Care Natick is here to always give confidential,  professional opinion and advice. If you have a new partner, it is always a good idea to get tested. If you have been with the same partner for a while it is important to still get tested at least once a year. Protecting yourself from STDs/STIs not only helps yourself but it also helps your partner(s). 

If you have more than one partner, then it is highly suggested to get tested more than once a year. Getting tested should not feel embarrassing. Think of it like another step to practicing safe sex. STD testing at our center is confidential and our providers offer a friendly and safe space for you to ask questions, get tested, diagnose and provide treatment, all under one roof. 

STD Testing Is Offered 7 Days A Week At AFC Urgent Care Natick

It’s getting warmer out and many of you are planning more activities where you might meet someone new. Whether it's a fling or a new relationship, have the common sense to get tested beforehand. 


AFC Urgent Care Natick offers Confidential STD testing 7 days a week with no appointment needed. We have convenient hours on the weekdays from 8a-8p and weekend hours from 8a-5p making us the best choice to get tested for STDs. STD testing is quick and usually consists of a quick urine sample, blood sample, and/or oral swab. Results for STD testing are available within a few days.

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