Reasons to Drink Less Alcohol

April 27, 2022

Alcohol may be pleasurable to those who drink it, but it negatively affects health. That makes it imperative for drinkers to cut down their daily quantity. A dietitian once said reducing alcohol intake improves human health faster. However, that isn’t the only benefit you can derive from limiting your alcohol intake. If you are one of those that capitalize on excessive alcohol on occasion, below is why you should desist from such a habit.

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Short Term Health Effects

Drinking too much alcohol usually leads to developing some health conditions in the short run. If the habit continues, it will eventually lead to severe health problems, particularly liver disease and nerve malfunctioning. The short-run effect of excessive alcohol includes Vomiting, stomach upset, Anemia, and unconsciousness.

So, before it becomes an addiction that can damage your physical and mental health, caution yourself when you still have the opportunity.

Preventing Mental Health Disorder

It is a misconception to think that alcohol can help you forget your worries or aids in relaxing. The fact is that high alcohol intake is why addicted drinkers suffer from depression and anxiety.

Instead of suppressing pains, it brings about mental health issues, especially slowing down the central nervous system. It is wrong to consider alcohol as a coping strategy when you can see a mental health expert for medical assistance.

Maintaining your Energy and Ability to Focus

One of the effects of excessive drinking is a hangover. People who have had aftereffects of alcohol can relate to its weakness and blurred vision. An addicted drinker can feel weak for many hours, preventing him from carrying out any activity. Such a person will find it challenging to stay focused. Imagine that you need to concentrate on a task but lose focus due to drinking too much. If you stop taking alcohol, you can be more productive.

Increases Your Savings

Apart from improving your health status, cutting down on alcohol intake also helps you take to keep more money. Drinkers get carried away after a few bottles, making them keep requesting more. Before you know it, you already have high bills to pay. You cannot make the right decision when you have exceeded your limit. So, sit yourself down to evaluate your expenses on alcohol and do the needful.

Tips on Quitting

Fortunately, you can stop your drinking habit if you take the tips that we will be highlighting below. They are:

  • Planning and setting limit
  • Be conversant with the number of drinks you take
  • Talk to friends and mental health experts when you need help
  • Adopt drinking enough water as opposed to taking alcohol
  • Take non-alcoholic beverages often


Alcohol isn’t the solution you should seek when you are at your lowest. It’s always advisable to consult those that can support you emotionally.

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