Holiday Hazards: We Treat Broken Bones and Sprains

It’s December and the holidays are around the corner. If you are like most people, now is the time when you start pulling out ladders, hefting boxes of ornaments and braving cold weather perils all in the spirit of decorating for the holiday season. However, no matter what holiday you’re celebrating, it won’t filled with joy if you end up injured and in pain! If you do end up with a “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” caliber decorating mishap, don’t worry, your local American Family Care can help.

The great thing about our urgent care centers is that we treat many of the same injuries — broken bones, sprains and deep lacerations — as they do in the emergency room. And the best gift of all? No long waits for treatment! The average wait time in an ER can be hours, but the average wait time with our centers is only 15 minutes. When you have a broken bone, that extra time can mean the difference between pain and relief.

Our clinics offer treatment for non life-threatening injuries such as cuts and fractures, with treatment options like stitches for deep cuts, x-rays to diagnose or rule out breaks and sprains, and resetting for broken bones. Our on-site pharmacies also offer quick prescription services, so you can be pain free sooner.

Our clinics expect to be as busy as Santa over the holidays with patients coming in with breaks, sprains and cuts due to decorating mishaps, slips in icy weather and other holiday hazards. To keep your holidays merry and bright, here are some tips to avoid these painful injuries this holiday season.

Injury Prevention Tips

  • Keep ladders on level ground, clear debris (and keep kids away) from the area, and when hoisting decorations on the roof, extend the ladder three feet beyond the edge of the roof.
  • Don’t stand on the top two rungs of the ladder.
  • Don’t string light cords in hallways or other areas where people walk to keep people from tripping and falling on stray cords.
  • Wear proper footwear when walking on slippery surfaces, take slow steps and keep your center of balance beneath you to stay upright.
  • Rails and other stable objects can help when navigating icy walkways.

While we want your holidays to be filled with cheer, (well, not in an overindulgent way, of course!) we’re here if you need us. Our extended daily and weekend hours, as well as convenient locations, offer patients quick and easy access if you do cut yourself on a broken ornament or slip and fall on an icy walkway.

Do you have a funny decorating story to share? Tell us what went wrong with your decorations!

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