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Recent Posts in 2013

  • Diagnosing & Best Treatment for Poison Ivy

    Diagnosing & Best Treatment for Poison Ivy
    Many of our patients are coming in with tremendous amounts of poison ivy rashes. They are working in their gardens and doing various things around their home and coming in with spreading poison ivy. ...
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  • Heat Illness Prevention & Treatment

    Heat Illness Prevention & Treatment
    During this incredibly prolonged hot period, what can you do to recognize heat related disorders in yourself and your loved ones and prevent it? All heat related disorders are 100% preventable. Avoid ...
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  • Diagnosing & Treating Allergies

    Diagnosing & Treating Allergies
    This time of year, lots of people are dealing with allergies. It’s a high pollen season and allergies that typically end around this time may extend well into July this year. If you have any symptoms ...
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