How Long Does an Allergy-Related Sore Throat Last?

May 31, 2024

Sore throats have many causes and are often accompanied by additional uncomfortable symptoms. Throat irritation is often experienced by people who have a cold, the flu, or have developed another type of bacterial/viral infection. What many people may not realize is that allergies are also a leading culprit behind sore throats. Sore throats caused by allergies should go away on their own or with the help of over-the-counter medicine. However, you might want to see a doctor if a sore throat gets worse or doesn’t go away. In this blog, we’ll explore the connection between seasonal allergies and sore throats, and outline when it might be necessary to seek medical attention.

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How Do Allergies Cause Sore Throats?

When an allergen like pollen or dust comes in contact with our bodies, our immune system prompts an allergic response. On the skin this can be a rash, hives, or other irritation. When allergens are inhaled, our body wants to flush them out. This can lead to coughing when allergies enter our respiratory system. Coughing can cause your throat to feel sore or scratchy. Alternatively, when allergens are in our sinuses we develop mucus to try and flush them out through sneezing or a runny nose. Excess mucus can lead to post-nasal drip where mucus drips into the back of the throat. This can also lead to a sore throat. 

How Long Do Allergy Symptoms Last

Allergy symptoms can last different amounts of time depending on exposure. In some cases, someone might feel that their allergies are lasting weeks or even months when in reality they are simply re-exposed over and over again. This can happen if you are allergic to pets that are in your home or if you have a seasonal allergy. The symptoms might last as long as you are exposed to the allergens that’s triggering the symptoms. To prevent re-exposure, you should see a medical professional that can provide allergy testing to figure out what you are allergic to as well as allergy medications. Medications can also help decrease the severity and duration of your allergy symptoms. 

Is My Sore Throat Because Of Allergies?

It is also important to recognize that sore throats have other causes. In some cases, a sore throat might be caused by bacteria or a virus. If you notice that your sore throat is not going away, getting worse, making it difficult to swallow, or is accompanied by symptoms like a fever, you should see a doctor because you might have an illness like strep throat. While allergies share many similar symptoms with other conditions, there are a few key differences to look out for. To start, take a look at the duration. While allergy symptoms persist as long as you are exposed to the allergen, colds typically resolve within 7 to 10 days. Additionally, allergies are often seasonal, flaring up during the spring when pollen levels are highest. 

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