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Occupational Health in Cheltenham PA

Depending on your field, your workplace may be required to maintain certain health and physical standards in order to protect employees and allow them to perform their job safely without risk of injury. AFC Urgent Care Cheltenham can provide care for employees ranging from annual physicals to drug screens to worker’s compensation treatment. Our urgent care center works with employers from businesses of all sizes around North Philadelphia in order to expedite the hiring process and make sure current workers meet requirements. Our occupational health services include:

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When are Occupational Health Services Necessary?

As an employer, you have a responsibility to keep your employees safe while they are at your job site or office space. Because certain jobs may require more physical exertion including lifting, driving or operating heavy machinery, ensuring that your employees are physically able to perform their duties is critical to their safety and the success of your business. By working with AFC Urgent Care Cheltenham, you’ll be able to make sure your employees are meeting your safety requirements, ensuring your workplace is healthy and happy.

Occupational Health Services for Businesses in Cheltenham, Cheltenham & North Philadelphia, PA

If you are in need of occupational health services for your employees, contact AFC Urgent Care Cheltenham to set up a program today! Our testing is performed on-site, allowing us to provide faster results and getting your employees certified and back to work with minimal disruption.


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