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How Well Do You Handle Stress?

While we all want to think we handle stress pretty well, most of us could improve our stress management skills.

Although stress can sometimes help you get tasks done more efficiently, as well as improve memory, chronic stress can cause your health more harm than good.

Our team at AFC Urgent Care Bronx Webster Avenue wants to teach you ways to become better at managing stress so it doesn't take a negative toll on your physical and mental health. 

What Problems Does Stress Cause?

When you are constantly under stress, it can cause you to have a number side effects that directly affect your health, such as an upset stomach, anxiety, high blood pressure and even headaches.

Therefore, it important to recognize your stressors so that you are better able to handle stress when it arises.

Examples of Life Stresses

  • Death of a loved one
  • Divorce
  • Illness
  • Job loss
  • Injury 
  • Financial problems
  • Moving

Why Is Stress Management Important?

As we mentioned earlier, some level of stress is normal and can be healthy. It motivates us to be productive and effective.

But too much stress can lead to a higher risk of developing serious health issues. That's why stress management is important.

Healthy Ways to Deal With Stress

  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Talk to someone about what you're experiencing.
  • Avoid drugs and alcohol.
  • Take time for you.
  • Get plenty of quality sleep. 
Is stress taking a toll on your overall health? Visit the AFC Urgent Care Bronx Webster Avenue team today to make sure an underlying health condition isn't to blame.