spring allergies

Break These Five Habits to Fight Allergy Symptoms

As clouds of yellow pollen settle on cars and patio furniture, people who suffer from seasonal allergies brace themselves for the upcoming spring. They know that scratchy eyes and drippy noses are about to make an appearance. They are waiting, with tissues in hand, for the season to pass and their symptoms to subside.

While proper medical treatment offers long-term care and comfort to those who battle seasonal allergies, there are also easy lifestyle changes that can help people who are living with allergies reduce their symptoms. In fact, our doctors have identified five habits that people with allergies should avoid so that they don’t aggravate their symptoms.


As long as people with allergies are being exposed to allergy triggers, they will continue to experience uncomfortable symptoms. Reducing the impact of symptoms is crucial to helping seasonal allergy sufferers feel better this spring. If you find yourself sniffling at this time of year, start changing your habits in these five areas to increase your comfort and reduce your allergy symptoms.

While breaking these habits can help to reduce the impact of allergies, your local urgent care doctor at AFC Urgent Care can also help you find long-term comfort and relief. At this time of year, a runny nose that simply won’t go away could be caused by an allergy, so be sure to walk-in and have your symptoms evaluated so that you can find the relief you need.