Urgent Care comes to Braintree Massachsuetts

So this blog will count as Doctor Express’ first official introduction to the public. As parents and residents of the south shore, my wife and I would like to say how excited and honored we are to be serving Braintree, Quincy, Weymouth and the surrounding south shore of Boston.

First let me state that before anyone gets the idea to question me on anything remotely involving the clinical practice of medicine, I am not a doctor, nor do I have any medical background of any kind. I am the owner and center administrator of our AFC . And I enthusiastically know this for a certainty…

I have nothing to contribute to the world class medical practitioners that we are all so lucky to have treating us here in Massachusetts. I will leave any contributions on that level to future posts or comments by our profoundly experienced and qualified doctors we have working for us here at AFC urgent care Braintree.

Any contribution I have going forward will be from a patient advocate perspective. And if I have any credibility, it comes from the universally shared experience of requiring medical attention as a patient, a parent, a professional and an entrepreneur.

As a patient, I have lived through half a lifetime (at least I hope I have another 48 years to live!) of humbling healthcare experiences in the hands of an overburdened healthcare system that sometimes has other goals that seem to take president over my peace of mind.

As a parent, I have sat helplessly by, praying that my child’s’ physician was the one who graduated cum laude and not the one who “squeaked by".

As the Chief Creative Officer for some of the worlds largest advertising agencies, I have sat through dozens of focus groups for clients in the healthcare industry, listening and absorbing the stories of hundreds of frustrated patients and believing that there had to be a better answer.

And finally as an entrepreneur, I have spent the last year working with a group of talented businessmen and healthcare professionals, to bring just that kind of solution to our proud New England medical community; AFC Urgent Care.

While Urgent Care has taken hold in other states, (and even had a short stint a decade ago here in New England) circumstances have just never been right for them to take hold here in Massachusetts. But for obvious reasons that we’ll talk about later, one could say that Massachusetts may be the area most ready and in need of this model of healthcare.

Within the year, we will have over eight AFC urgent care centers in the Boston area. Each will have board certified physicians on site everyday treating all of life’s everyday medical needs. From broken bones and sutures, rashes and burns, flu and strep, and everything in between. Anyone can walk in without an appointment and be on their way without a long wait. And we can do it for a substantially reduced co-pay and overall bill. At the same time we’ll be relieving our over burdened Emergency rooms and our extended hours will be a good adjunct to our Primary Care Physicians.

One could imagine that a medical community with such a reputation as ours would have very little room for improvement. But urgent care could be a welcome piece of the puzzle that doesn’t replace what we have, but augments it in a way that improves the whole system. Please tell us about your urgent care experiences and if you too believe that its time has come in Massachusetts.