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  • Photo of Dr. Nicole Touchet
    Dr. Nicole Touchet Doctor, MD
    Photo of Dr. Nicole Touchet
    Dr. Nicole Touchet Doctor, MD

    Dr. Nicole Touchet, MD serves as our Medical Director and Physician. Dr. Touchet is Board Certified in Family Medicine and specializes in urgent care medicine. She joined our practice after several years working in urgent care in the area.

    Dr. Touchet completed her residency in Family Medicine at University of New Mexico Hospital in Albuquerque, NM. She earned her Medical Doctor from Virginia Commonwealth University after graduating from University of Virginia with a double major in Chemistry and English Literature. Before attending medical school, Dr. Touchet worked as a research assistant for University of Virginia Neurology Department and specialized in movement disorders.

    When not caring for our patients, Dr. Touchet is exploring and enjoying all the activities that Massachusetts has to offer with her family and friends.

    Dr. Touchet is supported by a wonderful team of experienced and compassionate physicians, physician assistants, medical assistants and x-ray technologists.