Worker Safety Updates for the Fall Season

Keeping workers safe has always been a priority, but in 2020 that task has become more challenging than ever. As we approach the fall season, it’s important to reassess your worker’s potential risks and form a plan to help reduce those risks as much as possible. Worker safety varies depending on the type of job, of course, but there are some things that every employer can take to keep their workers safe, no matter the field of work! 

Worker Health Hazards

The same risks that workers have always faced won’t be leaving just because the seasons are changing. Workers should continue to wear the correct safety gear and follow OSHA protocol for their job field. In addition to those risks, workers are at risk of contracting COVID-19 this fall season. The hazard of COVID-19 varies greatly depending on location, the type of work, and the health of the worker.

Areas with a higher number of cases automatically place workers at a higher risk of getting COVID-19. Certain jobs, such as those that have contact with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 cases, are at an even higher risk of being exposed to the virus. OSHA has a more detailed breakdown of which job fields are at the highest risk of COVID-19 exposure here. Workers who have underlying health conditions are at an even higher risk of contracting COVID-19, so it’s important to identify those employees in order to protect them further.  


Workers should continue to implement the standard safety measures to prevent workplace injury. In addition to those standard measures, COVID-19 measures should be strictly enforced. If possible, employers are encouraged to allow high-risk employees to work remotely. Employees who will have direct contact with customers or coworkers should utilize masks and social distancing protocol to lower the risk of contracting COVID-19. Workplaces are also responsible for implementing increased cleaning and sanitizing routines to keep the area safe for workers. 

How Urgent Care Can Help

If a worker has reason to believe they have COVID-19 based either on symptoms or contact with a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patient, they should visit a local urgent care center for COVID-19 testing. You can also ask employees to visit urgent care for an antibody test before returning to work this fall if they’ve been working from home previously. Your local urgent care center can perform both diagnostic and antibody tests depending on the worker’s needs and the employer policy. 

For more information about COVID-19 testing, worker safety, or to schedule a COVID-19 test, contact a nearby urgent care center today!


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