Wintertime Injuries to Watch for and How to Prevent Them

It’s no secret that winter is cold and flu season, but an increase in illness isn’t the only reason more people find themselves seeking medical care during the winter months. Certain injuries are also more common during the winter thanks to colder weather and slippery conditions. These are some of the most common wintertime injuries you should try to avoid! 


Slippery sidewalks and driveways lead to a high number of falls each winter. When a fall occurs, you can suffer a bone fracture, muscle strain, head injury, and more. Avoid falls this winter by spread rock salt or kitty litter to provide traction against the ice.
You should also wear appropriate winter shoes that provide traction. Take slower steps and don’t attempt to rush when you’re walking in slippery conditions. People who have trouble balancing or are more prone to falls may need some assistance when crossing over a slippery path. 

Shoveling Related Injuries

Shoveling snow is something that no one looks forward to, but it’s a necessary evil. Shoveling snow leads to back injuries, muscle strains, and even heart attack! To avoid these injuries, you should remember to stretch before you begin shoveling. As you shovel, push the snow rather than lifting it.
If you have to lift the snow, lift in small amount to avoid a back injury. You should never drink caffeine or smoke immediately before shoveling snow because they both raise your risk of heart attack when combined with the cold weather. If you have a history of heart attack or you’re considered to be at a higher risk of heart attack, you should never shovel snow. 

Winter Sport Injuries

Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean that people stop playing sports! Ice skating, snowboarding, skiing, and hockey are all popular winter sports that can lead to serious injuries. Bone fractures and muscle strains are the most common, but head, neck, and back injuries can also occur. Avoid winter sports injuries by always wearing the recommended safety gear, even just during practices. If you believe you have an injury, get it checked out right away. Continuing to play on a minor injury can quickly turn it into a major one! 
If you’re suffering from a winter related illness or injury that is not life threatening, visit our local urgent care center right away. With experienced staff, x-ray imaging on sight, and faster treatment times, you’ll be able to get the care that you need at a price you can afford!


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