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Don’t Let Seasonal Allergies Keep You From Enjoying Spring

For some people, this beautiful spring season is nothing but misery, due to the constant sneezing, congestion, itchy eyes and countless other exhausting symptoms. For bird and nature enthusiasts however, the season brings a bounty of enjoyment – nesting birds, the return of migratory biHummingbirdrds and a year-round favorite whose feathers change to a bold, beautiful yellow that will stop you in your tracks. A look outside might be just the distraction you need this spring!

If your allergy symptoms keep you inside more than you would like, a simple feeder is an easy way to enjoy these beauties through the windows of your home. Wild Birds Unlimited, located on Black Rock Turnpike next to Trader Joe’s in Fairfield, states that hummingbird feeders can be attached to a window, allowing you to get up close and personal with these wonders of natures. One can spend hours watching them come and go and marveling at the speed of their wings, their teeny size and how they drink nectar so effortlessly.

Sue Shunta, Co-Owner of Wild Birds Unlimited in Fairfield asks “do the birds in your backyard seem a little extra playful?” That’s because it’s mating season and if you’re lucky, an amorous pair of birds might settle down in your yard to raise their young. Adding a bird house or nesting box can improve the odds that a feathered family settles in nearby for the season. Wrens, bluebirds, chickadees and titmice are species who will inhabit bird houses and nesting boxes.

Spring has sprung and allergies during this time should no longer be something that people just have to suffer through. If you are suffering from seasonal allergies, AFC Urgent Care Fairfield can be your go-to for allergy relief.  Our center is open 7 days a week, with extended business hours, to provide treatment for your symptoms.

To learn more about Wild Birds Unlimited visit their website at https://fairfield.wbu.com/

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