Why Urgent Care is the Best Place to Get Your Flu Shot Before Peak Flu Season

Urgent care centers and walk-in clinics are rising in popularity and vaccinations are no exception. The non-traditional approach to care that you’re able to find at an urgent care or walk-in clinic is something that has attracted patients of all ages for all different medical needs! If you’ve been looking for a way to get your flu shot before peak flu season is here, an urgent care might be just the solution you need.

No Appointment Needed

Urgent care centers are ideal for a busy person that struggles to fit a normal doctor’s office hours into their schedule. At an urgent care you’re able to just walk in any time and get the vaccine that you need. Some urgent care centers are even open 24/7! If you want to avoid any wait times, ask if it’s possible to set up an appointment. Even with an appointment time, you’ll have much more flexible hours of operation to work with.

Quick and Affordable Service

Getting a flu vaccine isn’t something that should take very long or cost very much and urgent care centers understand that! An urgent care is the quickest way to receive your flu shot at an affordable rate. Most major insurance companies are accepted at urgent care centers and actually cover the cost of the flu shot completely!

Experienced Staff at Your Service

Visiting an urgent care center for your early flu vaccine does not mean compromising on the quality of care. Urgent care centers are staffed with doctors, nurses, and nurse practitioners that have been trained just as well as the staff at a traditional doctor’s office. No matter who is on staff when you walk in, you’ll be able to leave with your flu vaccine! With a traditional doctor’s office, you’ll be left waiting for the next available appointment, and that may mean waiting until peak flu season is already here. 

Give your local urgent care a call today to find out if they have the flu vaccine in stock. Stop in after work, on your lunch break, or even on a weekend and enjoy the quick, affordable, and professional service you receive. If you do end up sick this flu season, the same urgent care will be able to provide you with the care you need to get back to your healthiest self!


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