Why Should I Get a Flu Shot?

It’s as natural as the seasons changing; the flu and common cold come back in full force towards the end of the year, sometimes as early as August. In a lot of busy areas, such as schools, offices, and public spaces, the flu can spread quickly and often. As different strains affect various communities, the ability to protect one’s self from sickness in the final months of the year becomes crucial. Especially for certain people, a flu shot is essential to get each and every year. Here’s why a flu shot is an excellent idea before the upcoming cold season.

Reasons to Get a Flu Shot

There are plenty of reasons to get a flu shot, but if you’re on the fence, it’s a great idea to review the top reasons why they can prove to be most useful. For starters, a flu shot is essential if you find yourself in what medical professionals consider to be a vulnerable individual.

You are in a Vulnerable Population

There are a lot of people who are considered extra vulnerable to the flu. For starters, the flu is most commonly its most harmful in elderly populations. Likewise, young children who have not had time to develop their immune systems are also equally vulnerable. Lastly, pregnant women are also at risk. Their bodies are working for two, meaning that women who are carrying a child are more likely to face severe effects of the flu. If you are a member of these three populations, a flu shot is nearly required to ensure a safe entry out of the cold and flu season.

You Live or Work with Vulnerable People

Likewise, if you are someone who works or lives with vulnerable people, a flu shot is important for you as well. Let’s say your wife is pregnant, or maybe you have an elderly member of the family staying with you. They can quickly become increasingly vulnerable if you don’t get a flu shot, become infected, and then live or spend time in close quarters with them. 

Don’t Shrug Off the Flu

Many people assume if they get the flu, they’ll be able to shrug it off and get better after a week or so. The flu is dangerous, and nobody can predict what it might do when you become infected. It’s not something that means immediate doom, but it can be a miserable experience. Get a flu shot now to ensure this doesn’t happen to you. If you have any questions or concerns about flu shots, please contact us at 732-469-3627



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