Why Do Men Avoid the Doctor?

June is National Men’s Health Month, but are men taking their health seriously enough? Surveys show they might not be. A recent survey by the Cleveland Clinic found that more than half of American men don’t go for an annual physical, which can lead to serious health problems. And their reasons for avoiding the doctor? Among other reasons, many men say they are simply too busy.

Top Five Reasons Men Avoid the Doctor:

Too Busy

Between working 40+ hours each week, taking care of the kids, hanging out with the boys and taking care of household projects and chores, many men feel there is simply no time left in their schedules to squeeze in a physical checkup.

They Think Nothing’s Wrong

Many men think that because nothing seems wrong with them, there is no need to visit the doctor. In fact, 19 percent of men admit that they only go to the doctor so their significant other will stop nagging them about it, and not because they actually think they should go. Additionally, men say they would rather “tough it out” when they get sick instead of seeking help.

Fear of the Unknown

Lots of men don’t want to admit it, but they are afraid of what they might learn from getting an annual physical. Instead of finding out what might be wrong with their health, they would rather avoid the issue altogether. This can be dangerous and even deadly, as annual check ups are meant to help people find and address any potential problems before they become more serious.

Discomfort with Certain Procedures

Another commonly cited reason for men avoiding the doctor is a discomfort with certain exams or procedures that happen at the doctor’s office. Many men want to avoid getting their prostate checked, are uncomfortable with the idea of being undressed under their gown and don’t want to answer any personal questions the doctor may ask them.

Lack of a Doctor or Insurance

Men who don’t have health insurance or don’t have a primary care physician often avoid the doctor because they think they are out of options. In reality, there are many ways to seek medical care, and there are plenty of options for those without insurance or a primary care physician. Urgent care centers like American Family Care are open during convenient hours and don’t require insurance, and they can help you get the non-emergency medical assistance you need, when you need it.

Whatever your reasons for avoiding the doctor, it’s time to man up and go get a checkup. American Family Care’s new Man Up Checkup makes it easy for men to make their health a priority with a quick, but thorough physical at their local American Family Care location. With convenient hours and no appointment necessary, there’s no excuse for avoiding the doctor and ignoring your health. Make a change this National Men’s Health Month and get your annual physical at an American Family Care today.


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