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Where Can Patients Find a Walk-In Clinic in Denver Speer?

Walk-in clinics aim to provide a cost-effective healthcare alternative that still offers comprehensive healthcare services for patients. However, many patients located around Denver may not know where they can find local walk-in clinics.

More importantly, patients may also not fully understand some of the services available at walk-in clinics. At a walk-in clinic, a patient is likely to have some of the same comprehensive healthcare services at traditional facilities including doctor’s offices and hospitals.

So what should patients near or in the Denver Speer neighborhood look to find walk-in clinic access?

What do walk-in clinics provide in terms of medical care?

Walk-in clinics by their most basic definition are medical facilities that provide medical services without the need for an appointment. However there are different types of walk-in clinics that provide either basic or comprehensive healthcare services.

A retail walk-in clinic is a basic medical provider that provides acute services for patients in big-box retail settings. The most common types of retail clinics include the “MinuteClinic” model seen at stores like CVS and Walgreens. The general purpose of these stores is to provide the convenience of medical care while shopping.

However, retail clinics can only treat acute medical services like injury treatment and similar, basic services. But urgent care centers equipped with walk-in clinics may offer a range of comprehensive healthcare services far beyond retail clinic capabilities.

The medical services provided at an local walk-in clinic and urgent care includes:

  • STD testing – Patients can visit an urgent care center to get fast and immediate STD testing. Additionally, a walk-in clinic accepts any patient needing a test on a first-come basis and provides a private setting to get same-day results.
  • Lab testing – Diagnostic exams and lab testing at a hospital may take a few days for an appointment and visit. At a full-service walk-in clinic, patients can get their blood work and lab tests done on the same day as their visit!
  • X-Rays – Another great convenience offered by urgent care and walk-in clinics includes the ability to get same-day x-rays. Unlike retail clinics, a walk-in clinic at an urgent care center provides x-rays to help you properly diagnose your injury.
  • DOT Physicals – Retail clinics also don’t provide the ability to offer DOT physicals to commercial drivers who need to renew. But a walk-in clinic at an urgent care center has physicians on staff so you can get the exams needed for a CDL renewal.
  • Injury Treatment – On top of comprehensive services, patients can also get most injuries treated at a nearby walk-in clinic. These include cuts, lacerations, bruises, and fractures that don’t require emergency treatment.
  • Flu shots – Whenever flu season comes around the corner, you’ll want to ensure that you have all your up-to-date vaccines. Come into a local walk-in clinic for a flu shot in minutes.
  • Travel vaccines – For vacationers, you’ll sometimes need to get a few updated vaccinations whenever you leave the country. Visit a nearby urgent care center to get any vaccines before your trip!

Where can patients find a local walk-in clinic in Denver Speer?


Patients near Denver Speer and Speer Boulevard don’t want to wait for a doctor or hospital for comprehensive services. This is because AFC Urgent Care Denver has a walk-in clinic location right off of Speer Boulevard that provides a range of high-quality medical services.

The address of our Denver Speer location is 777 E Speer Blvd #100, Denver, CO 80203, but here are a few simple directions to help you find us:

  • Walk-in clinic and Urgent Care access right by Alamo Placita Park: AFC Urgent Care Denver Speer is less than two blocks west from Alamo Placita Park. Patients care get urgent care off East 3rd Ave. and North Clarkson Street by walking directly to us!
  • Local bus and transit access at N. Washington and Speer Blvd: Any patient that needs to find urgent care via public transit can always use the bus and subway system to get there in a few minutes. By bus and subway from Downtown Denver, patients can expect to arrive in under 20 minutes.
  • Easily accessible from 6th Ave in Speer: Commuters coming from work, school, or elsewhere can easily take 6th Ave. to arrive at AFC Urgent Care Denver Speer. Our walk-in clinic has ample parking and amenities to ensure you can get to our clinic whenever you need to.

Take control of your healthcare appointments and get the care you need, in the heart of Denver Speer! Any patients interested in our walk-in clinic services should use the map and buttons below for more information:



3700 Cahaba Beach Road Birmingham, AL 35242

Our Mission and Values:

Our mission is to provide the best healthcare possible in a kind and caring environment, in an economical manner, while respecting the rights of all of our patients, at times and locations convenient to the patient.

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