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Where Can I find Local STD Testing around Denver,CO?

STD testing is a critical preventive service to ensure that patients are getting a complete evaluation of their sexual health, infectious disease risks, and potential needs for treatment.

STDs are a potential health risk for any adult that engages in sexual activity. Even though there are ways to significantly reduce your STDs, you’ll still want to engage in frequent STD testing.

This is because several STDs are asymptomatic, which means you won’t notice physical symptoms of the disease until much later. Common STDs and bacterial strains including chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis don’t usually have physical symptoms, contrary to popular belief.

The good news for patients is that AFC Urgent Care Denver locations offer convenient, affordable, and accessible STD testing services. Patients in residential neighborhoods around Denver can get private, respectful and discrete STD.

Below, we’ll cover some of the basic facts about STD risks and let you know where you can get the consistently dependable medical care you’ve come to expect at AFC Urgent Care Denver!

What are some risks for getting an STD?

STD risks are mostly behavioral by nature. This means that in seldom cases is an STD contracted through hereditary factors. Most STDs are instead contracted through behaviors that increase contact with infected individuals.

For example, increasing the frequency of sexual partners or dangerous sexual behaviors is likely to increase your risk of an STD. The CDC has identified a few sexual behaviors that are proven to increase one’s risk of getting an infection.

These behaviors include frequent unprotected sex, the use of drugs and alcohol while engaging in sexual intercourse, and not getting frequent STD tests after a new encounter.

Per our last blog, some of the best ways to address the risks of STD infection include the following:

  • Using protection during sexual intercourse: The use of a condom or other prophylactic can help reduce your risk of transmitting or contracting an STD. Whenever you engage in sexual activity with a new partner always use protection to reduce infection risks.
  • Limiting frequency of sexual partners: One of the most important risk factors when it comes to STDs is the number of sexual partners you have. As the number of partners increases, your chances of getting an STD increases as well. Whenever you have a new sexual partner get an STD test.
  • Reducing drug and alcohol use before/during sex: Using drugs or alcohol before or during intercourse can lead to a higher chance of STDs. This is because drug and alcohol use can lead to higher-risk sexual behavior. Additionally, sharing needles can also transmit certain critical STDs including HIV/AIDS.
  • Getting frequent STD testings with new partners: The most important thing to remember when trying to prevent STDs is that most of them are asymptomatic. This means that you won’t usually see any physician symptoms, which means you’ll need a test to detect most STDs.

Where can I find STD testing around Denver, CO?

AFC Urgent Care Denver provides immediate STD testing services around Cherry Creek, Speer, Highland, and Hale, CO. We also accept a variety of insurance packages so you don’t have to worry about the cost of care.

Check out the following locations to see where you can specifically find the closet AFC Urgent Care Denver location!

Where can I get STD testing near Speer, CO?

Patients located near Speer, Country Club, and Alamo Placita Colorado can visit our AFC Urgent Care Denver Speer location for easy STD testing access. 

A few well-known crossroads that we are easily accessible by includes E. 3rd Ave, E. 4th Ave, and North Washington Street. Most patients can get to our walk-in clinic in Denver Speer via bus in under 15 minutes or take a short car ride in approximately 7 minutes! 

How can I find STD testing services near Highland? 

STD testing services are always available for patients near Highland, CO at our AFC Urgent Care Denver Highland location. Simply visit us at 3800 Irving St.
Denver, CO 80211 for an easy 5 minute drive from Highland, West Highland, Berkeley, and Sunnyside, CO. 

STD Testing should be available to all of our patients no matter where they are located. At AFC Urgent Care Denver, we strive to make sure you get the best quality in urgent care, STD testing, and any other immediate healthcare needs. 

If you want to contact any of our locations, please use the buttons below to schedule an appointment or speak with our clinical staff. 

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