What We Treat: Pneumonia

For an illness as debilitating as Pneumonia, many cases of the lung infection often go untreated. While the body’s immune system can generally treat the infection on its own, it takes awhile – sometimes even 3-4 weeks – for Pneumonia to run its course without medication. It’s because Pneumonia shares many of the same symptoms as lesser illnesses, such as Influenza and the common cold, that people suffering from Pneumonia don’t seek medical help.

It can be dangerous for Pneumonia to go untreated as after infecting the lungs, it can travel through its host’s bloodstream and infect additional organs. Other complications include the development of lung abscess and fluid build-up inside the lungs. This combined with the typical Pneumonia symptoms can contribute to severe breathing difficulties, which can lead to a range of precarious issues.

That’s why it’s best to visit a Provider as soon as you begin to show Pneumonia symptoms. Here at AFC Urgent Care North Andover, we can diagnose Pneumonia and then steer patients in the right direction for treatment. For the majority of Pneumonia cases, our Providers will administer antibiotics to combat the illness. For less severe pneumonia cases, such as the weaker strand, “Walking Pneumonia”, our Providers will primarily just recommend our patients to drink plenty of fluids and let the Pneumonia just run its course naturally.

Visit our location if you are suffering from any of the symptoms:

  • Violent coughing, producing either no mucus (which could be the result of heightened inflammation) or green-colored mucus, or sputum
  • Fever/Dizziness
  • Nausea or intense feeling of weakness
  • Cold sweats or chills

Our facility is open seven days a week and accommodates walk-ins seven days a week. Older patients and infants should visit the hospital as people with weaker immune systems are more susceptible to further infection. However, most patients should visit our center instead, as our Providers treat their patients in both a time and cost-effective manner.

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