What We Treat: Fever

When somebody has a fever, it generally means that something has gone awry in their body. A fever, in-and-of-itself, is not one specific illness; it’s merely a symptom of what could be any number of things. In fact, fevers are one of the body’s natural defense mechanisms that serves to combat other, more severe symptoms. It also notifies you when something needs attention. In this way, it’s similar to pain in that it lets your brain know when something is wrong with your health.
Fevers are most commonly “diagnosed” by checking the patient’s temperature with a thermometer. While the body’s normal temperature is 98.6°, there’s no cause for alarm unless the body’s temperature is consistently over 100°. This also varies depending on the age of the patient, as infants’ temperatures should rarely exceed 100°. Any infant under three months of age should be immediately brought to the Emergency Room. It’s best for parents with infants two years or younger to consult a physician whenever their child is experiencing a fever, since children’s immune systems at that age are relatively underdeveloped.
At AFC Urgent Care Methuen, the health of you and your family comes first. As a walk-in clinic offering affordable pricing, we’re here as a resource for any injury or illness, no matter how minor it may seem. More times than not, a fever isn’t very serious and can be treated with sleep and, if necessary – over-the-counter medications. However, when you have a walk-in clinic as convenient and accessible as ours in your community, why not achieve some peace-of-mind by visiting us?
Fevers can be the first noticeable symptom of some very serious illnesses. For instance, it could indicate a number of different infections to various parts of the body, including the lungs, throat, kidney or even the skin. Some medications, and even illicit drugs also trigger high temperatures – so it may just be a side-effect. It’s important either way to take advantage of our services, as we can help diagnose the more severe illnesses and treat them – or if it’s too serious for our center – we can guide patients in the right direction for their specialized treatment.
Considering the connection we feel with the Methuen community, we want the best for our patients. That’s why we sincerely hope our patients use our resources whenever they feel even just a little bit under-the-weather, since it could prove a worthwhile practice in catching serious illnesses early. Our team can prescribe any necessary medication to treat many bacterial or viral infections, making a trip to our center our possible final step in eradicating your fever.


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