What We Treat: Cuts

Cuts can be a scary sight, for some people even just the sight of blood triggers feelings of dizziness and nausea. Fortunately, we’re here to make cuts a little less intimidating, as our job is to get you stitched up and back to normal as quick as possible. One fear patients have after suffering a cut wound is the risk of infection. There are a number of serious and possibly life-threatening number of infections a patient can incur if their open wound is exposed to a virus or harmful bacteria.

Our Providers have the extensive experience in urgent care to properly treat a cut and ensure no infection is contracted. If a patient was to get infected prior to visiting our center, our facility has all the necessary equipment to accurately test a patient’s blood and determine whether or not they have an infection. From there, our team can prescribe the necessary medication to kill off the infection and make sure your fears can subside.

Our Providers can administer the stitching required to ensure your cut is sufficiently patched up. Once your wound has properly healed, our Provider can then remove the stitching and make sure you’re 100% back to normal.Visit us any day of the week during business hours to get any of your urgent care wounds treated. For more information, call us 978-470-0800!


3700 Cahaba Beach Road Birmingham, AL 35242

Our Mission and Values:

Our mission is to provide the best healthcare possible in a kind and caring environment, in an economical manner, while respecting the rights of all of our patients, at times and locations convenient to the patient.

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