What should I know about Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is the delivery of healthcare through virtua means, which means that patients at home can get care whenever they need without traveling to a clinic. You may have already seen telemedicine updates on our website or social media, but may be confused about how telemedicine works. Patients may also not be entirely sure how telemedicine can help patients get care if they’re just talking to a doctor through their phone.

However, telemedicine urgent care is a great, efficient, and effective medical appointment for patients of all kinds. Whether you are currently maintaining safe social distancing from others, don’t have time to visit in person, or just want to stay home, telemedicine offers a new convenient solution for your medical needs. Patients that need more information about telemedicine urgent care can visit our telemedicine breakdown to learn more!

Telemedicine helps treat minor illness needs, remotely

Each year, millions of patients experience cold and flu symptoms that could indicate an infection of the common cold or influenza. The COVID-19 pandemic is also a major healthcare concern for millions with patients looking for common illness symptoms like sneezing, coughing, difficulty breathing, and/or fever before getting testing. Patients with illness symptoms that want to stay home and stay safe can get treated by their provider through telemedicine.

All patients need in order to book telemedicine includes a device with internet connection, audio, and/or video features. A provider remotely evaluates your symptoms and even helps to administer treatment while you’re at home. Patients that don’t want to travel, or can’t due to COVID risks, can diagnose and treatment symptoms for their needs at home. Additionally, if your needs require an in-person visit, your provider can help coordinate treatment so that you get care with a safe and efficient plan.

Affordable and accessible care for patients of all needs

Telemedicine is one of the most affordable ways to consult your provider and get treatment for acute illnesses. Major insurance companies in the U.S cover telemedicine and even have reduced or no co-pays for telemedicine visits. Additionally, telemedicine helps patients to diagnose symptoms without needing to plan for a drive, commute, or other trip to a medical setting. Just pick up the phone and begin your visiting without the risk of surprise billings or other added expenses.

Getting the care you need without delaying it further is cruical, especially as COVID-19 continues to create challenges for patients. Get the care you need by calling AFC Urgent Care Fairfield today!


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