What Should I Know About COVID-19 Testing Clinics?

COVID-19 testing is now becoming more and more available as states re-open and re-assess their infection control procedures. Healthcare providers just like AFC Urgent Care Denver are able to provide many types of COVID-19 testing to help patients return to work, determine their overall risk of re-infection, and ultimately stay as safe as possible in the coming weeks. However, other testing clinics and facilities do not have the same types of access and testing resources.

When looking for a nearby COVID-19 testing facility or clinic, make sure that you are able to determine if a specific clinic is able to meet your needs. COVID-19 swab testing for patients and antibody testing are not available at all clinics. Additionally, a patient may need to make an appointment and can’t use walk-in access for testing. Here is what all patients should determine when looking for a nearby COVID-19 Testing center.

Testing facilities may require limited appointments for infection control purposes

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact local communities, patients may want a more accessible clinic to get tested at. Walk-in clinic access is available at some COVID-19 testing facilities, but many offer flexible appointments as well. AFC Urgent Care Denver provides COVID-19 testing on an appointment basis throughout the day in order to meet demand.

Check online to see if a clinic offers coronavirus testing throughout the day and allow any patient to get tested. Several clinics still only provide COVID testing for high-risk patients and have screenings before an appointment is made.

Some clinics only have a single type of COVID testing

COVID-19 testing is available for patients for two main purposes: swab testing which helps detect an active coronavirus infection and antibody testing that detects immunity to the virus from a previous infection (specifically, the test detects the presence of antibodies that fight off COVID-19). But a clinic may have limited supplies and testing services for just a single type of test.

Many clinics may only offer the swab test while others are able to provide both. Make sure you identify which types of tests are available by calling the provider organization directly. If you need a local clinic that provides both COVID-19 swab and antibody testing then try AFC Urgent Care Denver. Our providers can perform both diagnostic coronavirus testing and antibody tests for our patients.

A clinic may or may not have drive-through testing

Drive through testing for COVID-19 and other services are available at AFC Denver for patients that need to minimize contact for infection control purposes. Only a few clinics and testing locations offer drive-through testing while others provide testing right in the clinic. Patients that have busy schedules and need to quickly get tested benefit from the convenience and safety of drive through tests.

Call your local healthcare provider to discuss testing access and drive-through testing whenever you need care. Taking extra time to find your ideal testing location makes it more manageable to stay safe during the pandemic. And if you have further questions, contact your nearest AFC Denver location today! 


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