What is the Difference Between COVID-19 Diagnostic Testing & COVID-19 Antibody Testing?

With New Jersey in its second phase of reopening, more people may be in search of COVID-19 testing to learn if they have an active case of the virus or if they have previously been exposed to it. AFC Urgent Care Bound Brook offers COVID-19 diagnostic testing and COVID-19 antibody testing seven days a week after a telemedicine consultation with one of our physicians. The two tests have key differences and a test will be ordered based on your current needs.

Diagnostic PCR testing

Diagnostic testing for COVID-19 is performed by taking a sample from your lower nasal cavity using a swab. The process is very gentle, with no pain to the patient, and takes only a few short moments. The sample is then taken to our on-site lab where it is processed and analyzed. Swab testing results have a turnaround of 1-3 days depending on current lab capacity. Diagnostic testing cannot be used to detect if you have had past exposure to COVID-19 and can only detect the presence of the active virus.

Antibody testing

Antibody testing is performed by taking a blood draw to detect past infection with COVID-19. After a virus has been healed, antibodies are formed as an immune response to fight against further infection. Antibodies take about ten to fourteen days to form after an infection. Antibody testing should be performed at least fourteen days after you have stopped experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, including high fever, dry cough, body aches, and shortness of breath. It is important to note that you could receive a negative result from an antibody test while presenting as asymptomatic and still have the active virus. Getting tested for antibodies too soon after symptoms subside can also provide a negative result due to the time needed to develop antibodies.

When should I get tested?

If you believe you have been exposed to COVID-19 through someone who has tested positive or by visiting a place where a case has been detected, schedule a telemedicine appointment with AFC Urgent Care Bound Brook. Our center requires telemedicine screenings prior to visits regarding COVID-19 consultations in order to go over your symptoms and determine the best test for your needs. If you have been recently exposed to the virus or are experiencing symptoms, a diagnostic swab test will likely be ordered. If you believe you exhibited symptoms previously and have been asymptomatic for at least fourteen days, you may get the results you need from an antibody test.

COVID-19 Diagnostic Swab Testing & Antibody Testing in Bound Brook, NJ

Schedule a telemedicine appointment with AFC Urgent Care Bound Brook today to get started and determine which form of COVID-19 test would best meet your needs. For questions, please call 732-469-3627.



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