What Does Scoliosis Look Like in Children?

What Does Scoliosis Look Like in Children?

Scoliosis affects the way that your spine is supported. If your child has scoliosis, his or her spine has taken on an “S” or “C” shape instead of the typical vertical structure.

Scoliosis can be genetic or a developmental abnormality, and sometimes no known cause is detected. In most cases, treatment comes in the form of symptom management rather than a cure.

If you are concerned that your child’s spine is beginning to curve, come see us at AFC Urgent Care Farragut for an X-ray and evaluation!

Will Scoliosis Affect My Child’s Life?

Most cases of scoliosis are mild and don’t affect people’s daily life. Your child will most likely not even notice the issue until it is brought to your attention. Sometimes it can cause mild pain in the area around the curve if your child’s back muscles are working harder than normal to compensate for the abnormality.

Since scoliosis affects your child’s skeleton, the majority of any additional symptoms will be associated with your child’s posture and other bones in his or her body. You can usually see one of these symptoms below with the naked eye when you look at your child.

Scoliosis Symptoms

  • Difference in shoulder height
  • Asymmetry in ribs
  • Discrepancy in hip/shoulder blade height
  • Muscle bulge on one side of the back when bending over

How Do You Get a Scoliosis Diagnosis?

Most of the time, an office visit is required to get a thorough family history and to do an initial exam. In addition, your child may be given an X-ray to get a better look at his or her spine. If it is determined that your child has scoliosis, a “watch and wait” approach will be the first step.

As your child grows, his or her spine might correct itself or not get any worse. If it is determined that it is a problem that needs to be corrected, a brace or surgery may be required to help reverse the curvature. This is only typically reserved for the most severe cases.

Managing Your Child’s Scoliosis

  • Consistent exercise to keep back muscles strong
  • Anti-inflammatories to manage pain
  • Yoga and stretching to help alleviate pressure or pinch points

Wondering whether your child may have scoliosis? Come see us for an X-ray at AFC Urgent Care Farragut!


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