What Are The Most Common Summertime Injuries?

Summertime injuries can happen at a moment’s notice since recreation, physical activity, and more outdoor events are available. Therefore, it’s essential to learn about common summertime injuries and how to prevent these injuries.

Listed below are the most common summer injuries with some health tips and skills that can help prevent them:

Summertime Injuries To Look Out For

  • Heat Injury

Examples of heat injuries are heatstroke, heat cramp, or exhaustion.

These heat illnesses happen when your body is exposed to high temperatures or overdue exposure to sunlight. Its symptoms are usually nausea, fainting, irritated skin, or dizziness.

Don’t overexpose yourself to the sun. Also, drinking fluids like water, fruit drinks, and sports drinks will keep your body hydrated.

  • Pool accidents

Pool accidents are also common during the summer, especially in children. In fact, drowning can happen in as low as 2 ft of water.

You should ensure that your children are always supervised while swimming. It will reduce the risk of fatalities.

  • Scrapes and cuts

After spending a long time indoors, the excitement of being out in the sun can come with a little bit of clumsiness or carelessness. While moving around or having sports, you may find yourself with cuts or even sports injuries.

These are often minor injuries that can be treated with your first-aid supplies. You should, however, visit the hospital if you get a deep cut or if the bleeding persists.

  • Bug bites

Bugs and insects love summer almost as much as we do. Sadly, this means you are likely to contact one bug or two and get bitten. It could be a tick, fly, mosquito, ant, spider, or even a bee sting.

Insect bites are easy to treat, but they could worsen if you’re allergic to that insect. You should go out with insect repellent and wear clothes that don’t expose too much skin.

  • Sunburns

Based on data from the American Academy of Dermatology, 60% of Americans have gotten bad sunburns. Although sunburns are not as severe as other Summertime injuries, they can cause a lot of discomforts.

Sunburn can occur if you stay exposed to sunlight for too long. It’s no fun if you cannot enjoy the rest of the summer because your body is badly hurt from a few days of sun exposure. Moreover, sun exposure can cause aging and an increased risk of skin cancer.

So, ask yourself, is that extra tan worth it?

You have to be intentional to prevent injuries. Remember to wear your sunscreen and always provide adequate care for injuries. Apply first aid to an injury that is mild to moderate, then visit an urgent care center for same-day treatment.


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