What Are Some Symptoms of Bronchitis?

It’s the season for coughs, colds, the flu, and all types of other unpleasant illnesses. Illness can occur any time of year, but with more time spent indoors in close quarters, the colder weather brings a higher number of cases. One of those common illnesses this time of year is bronchitis. Bronchitis is fairly common in both children and adults, but do you know what symptoms to look out for? Additionally, we want to make sure that are options for patients to get telemedicine treatment for their urgent care symptoms! 

Telemedicine Treatment at AFC Urgent Care Bridgeport

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What is Bronchitis?

Bronchitis occurs when your bronchial tubes are inflamed and irritated. This is most commonly caused by a common cold, although there can be other triggers such as irritants in the air. Acute bronchitis lasts about 7-10 days but can leave a lingering cough for weeks. Some patients also suffer from chronic bronchitis, which is bronchitis that lasts for extended periods of time and is recurring. Acute bronchitis is most commonly caused by a virus, but it can also be caused by bacteria. 

Common Symptoms

Symptoms of bronchitis include a cough, shortness of breath, chest tightness and discomfort, thick mucus that may be discolored, a low-grade fever, and fatigue. Common cold symptoms like a runny nose and a sore throat might also be present. Bronchitis symptoms are uncomfortable, but they’re to be expected. 

Managing Your Symptoms

If you’re suffering from painful and annoying bronchitis symptoms, you don’t have to continue suffering! There are both at home and medically assisted remedies to help make your symptoms more manageable until the bronchitis has cleared from your respiratory system. Common home remedies include: 

  • Over the counter cough medication
  • Over the counter pain medication
  • Throat lozenges and cough drops
  • Using a humidifier to keep the air moist – dry air will cause more coughing
  • Warm water with honey and lemon or hot tea to soothe your throat
  • Rest
  • Plenty of fluids

If your symptoms do not improve with home remedies, you have a fever, can’t catch your breath, or your symptoms are so severe you can’t sleep well, it’s time to seek the help of a medical professional. Doctors aren’t able to heal bronchitis, but they can aid in the recovery process. If an infection is present, an antibiotic will be prescribed. You might also receive a breathing treatment or prescription strength cough medications. 

If you’re in need of professional help with your acute or chronic bronchitis, visit your local urgent care center! With same-day treatment and affordable prices, the urgent care center  is the best way to get you feeling like yourself again.


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