Understanding the Three W’s of Flu Shots: Why, When, and Where?

Why is it so important to get a flu shot?

December is here which means it is time to get your flu shot! If you’re thinking of skipping your shot, or think “I’m not going to need it,” then you may want to reconsider so you can enjoy the holiday season:

Last flu season rates of influenza and critical illness among children skyrocketed, according to the latest CDC numbers on the epidemic. The flu can significantly impact both small rural communities and large urban areas, as rates of poor overall health, stress, and pediatric health decline as flu cases increase.

On a person-by-person basis, the flu limits one’s ability to remain productive at work and enjoy day-to-day activities. The flu could even lead to exacerbated health complications if a person already has a common chronic disease such as diabetes.

Thankfully, flu prevention is simple through an annual vaccination, known as the “flu shot.”

When should I get my flu shot? How does it work?

Basic flu prevention practices suggest that individuals should begin their flu shot as early as September. Flu season runs from September to as late as May if a strain of influenza is exceptionally potent.

However, individuals should ideally get their flu shot when they experience multiple symptoms of having the flu. You may have heard of the following symptoms already, but these physical indicators are a strong sign that you need to get a flu shot immediately:

  •      Fever
  •      Cough
  •      Sore Throat
  •      Runny Nose
  •      Muscle Aches
  •      Headache
  •      Fatigue

These symptoms may also suggest that you may have a case of the common cold, a less serious version of the flu, but you should take the following actions to prevent a possible flu infection:

Where can I get my flu shot?

If you are unsure of where to get a flu shot, AFC Dedham provides quick, low-cost flu shots to our patients. CDC provides a vaccine widget that allows a user to find the nearest vaccination facility. Usually, a doctor’s office, hospital, urgent care center, retail clinic, or another facility can provide low-cost vaccinations.

Patients who may be experiencing the flu that need a fast, high-quality, and convenient way to get the flu shot can schedule an appointment with AFC Dedham via phone call.

Call today and don’t let the flu keep you from being festive during the holidays!


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