Types of Lab Testing at an Urgent Care

With urgent cares becoming a more popular choice for receiving medical care, you’re probably wondering what exactly they have to offer. The services at an urgent care go far beyond stitches and diagnosing a sprained ankle. Urgent care is an excellent option if you’re in need of lab testing!

Do You Need Lab Testing?

Going to get lab testing is never fun, and many people wonder if they can skip out. The short answer is yes, you do need to get lab testing done. Even healthy people should receive essential lab work once each year. Getting your lab testing done at an urgent care is a great way to take the stress out of the process. Get it done quickly, cheaply, and get accurate results!

Urine Testing

Lab testing is more than just blood. Urine samples are used to perform some very important tests. A rapid urine screen can be used to identify poor kidney function, bladder or urinary infection, and high blood sugar. Urine testing is also used to get accurate results of drug use in recent days and weeks. Of course, urine is also used to test for pregnancy. If you’ve received a positive test at home, you’ll need to confirm it with lab testing that an urgent care can provide. You may need to collect urine and blood testing, depending on the purpose of the lab work.

Blood Testing

Urgent care centers are also able to draw blood and test it in a variety of ways. Your blood can reveal a surprising amount about not only your current health status but the future of your health as well. The urgent care center can evaluate how well your internal organs are functioning, check for signs of infection, and more. Anemia, blood cancer, and immune disorders are all found through blood testing. You might even learn that you’re at risk for heart disease, stroke, or diabetes in the future. Learning that you’re at an increased risk for those conditions through blood testing gives you the ability to make lifestyle changes and lower your risk.

Urgent care centers have revolutionized the process of getting lab work. You can get it done faster and cheaper than ever before, so why not just do it? If you suspect there’s something wrong or need a check-up, stop in and get your lab testing done today!


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