Top Common Urgent Care Uses to Improve Overall Health in 2019

Keeping on top of your overall health is a great New Year’s resolution that can lead to long-term happiness and enjoyment of life. Good overall health allows you to do all your favorite things in life.

Conversely, poor overall health can lead to frustrations, delays inactivity, and emotional duress. Making sure that you’re completing the appropriate healthcare appointments and actions is crucial to improving your health.

Below are some great starting points about how urgent care services can make 2019 the happiest, healthiest, and most enjoyable year to date!

Schedule annual appointments like physicals and flu shots!

Preventive care, or healthcare services that help to prevent illness and injuries, are critical to boost your overall health. The most common preventive services known to most people include annual physicals and flu shots.

An annual physical is arguably the most important medical appointment you’ll make in a given year. Physicals take between 15 to 45 minutes where doctors review key medical indicators such as blood pressure, blood glucose level, and cholesterol to evaluate your health. A physical allows your doctor to review your medical history, give you an update on your health status, and recommend next steps to maintain strong health.

In addition, a yearly flu shot helps your immune system fight off influenza. Each year, influenza strains change which requires an updated flu shot called a vaccination. Most physicians recommend getting your flu shot as early as possible before the peak flu season. An early flu shot helps keep you from contracting the flu and avoiding potentially serious illness.

It is important to know that each individual may require other types of screenings, vaccinations, and other preventive services based on their unique health conditions.

Ask your provider, urgent care specialist, or another medical professional if you may require other types of preventive care services in the near future!

Treat injuries at work or at home ASAP at an urgent care center

Physical injuries such as sprains, cuts, or bruises can happen at any time throughout the year. Depending on the severity of the injury, it is important to seek immediate care ASAP.

Fortunately, most injuries at home or at work can be treated at an urgent care center or walk-in clinic. Patients that don’t have life-threatening cuts, lacerations, bone breaks, or sprains can walk in without an appointment and receive fast treatment. An urgent care center can also diagnose the severity of your injury with x-ray and imaging services.

Life-threatening emergencies such as gunshots, ingestion of toxic chemicals, wounds that won’t stop bleeding, asphyxiation and choking, immobility, and other highly critical injuries require emergency room services.

Plan your urgent care needs alongside your family/child’s appointments!

Having a family requires a slew of key medical appointments that ensure your child is developing healthily.

Pediatric services such as vaccinations, sports physicals, routine checkups, and other appointments are also available as urgent care services. Urgent care experts help refer your child to other treatments and plan for other medical services.

Managing a family is extremely time consuming and keeping everyone’s health in check can take an immense effort. However, urgent care services help keep you and your child healthy throughout the year.


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